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Year 6 - Mrs Sample

Below are some Easter activities to keep you busy...

You know I'd never forget Maths!

Parents: make sure you take the answers away from them!!!

Year 6... Get on the Edinburgh Zoo website...

Live camera footage of rock-hopper penguins!!!!!!!

Hi Year 6,

Hope you are all ok and that you are ready to get to work!

Did you all see that '' are offering free downloads on all their books and that J.K. Rowling has released the rights to all her Harry Potter books? Brilliant! Get reading guys!

For those of you who weren't in at the end of the week, I have asked that you all email me once a week to keep in touch. It's ok if you use an adult's email - just make sure you keep in touch!

Love you guys, 

Mrs S x

Welcome to our Year 6 page!


A few reminders:

- P.E. is on a Tuesday. Don't forget your full kit every week. 

- Reading books are changed on a Friday but must be brought to school everyday.

- Maths homework is assigned on a Friday and must be completed by Wednesday.

- New spellings are issued on a Friday following our spelling test. Spelling stories (homework) should be returned by Wednesday.