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Writing Curriculum In Action

All types of writing are on show up and down school at the moment. We are seeing excellent progress. Look at some examples from this quick tour of some of the classes. Year 2, for example, have been writing about their teddy bears.

Picture 1 Year 1 have some 'super hero' work.
Picture 2 And what about their instructions.
Picture 3 Delightful 'teddy bear' desriptions.
Picture 4 They even invited their teddies into school.
Picture 5 It is always good to have a focus for your writing
Picture 6 What about LKS2? They are studying World War II.
Picture 7 They are writing about the Blitz.
Picture 8 With recounts from the air raids.
Picture 9
Picture 10 Look at this diary entry.
Picture 11 We have some well chosen words from the Great War.
Picture 12 'Soaring in the deep blue sky...'
Picture 13 We have also written news reports.
Picture 14 Who was the thief?
Picture 15 Sometime the writing is poetic and romantic.
Picture 16 The best words in the best order.
Picture 17 And what about persuassive writing.
Picture 18
Picture 19 These are poems about winter.
Picture 20 Whilst this is a concrete poem.
Picture 21 Can you see the Great Wave we wrote about.
Picture 22 Sometimes the writing is extremely sad.
Picture 23 Look at the scene they were describing.
Picture 24 Sometimes the writing is action packed & thrilling
Picture 25 Well done everyone an excellent effort this term.
Some strange writing and paintings have been found on the walls of lower KS2!
Picture 1
Picture 2 It is all since we started reading 'Stone Age Boy'
Picture 3 All of this writing has appeared on the corridor.
Picture 4 Beautiful necklaces have been unearthed.
Picture 5 Was everything made of stone?
Picture 6 They formatted the text and used word art
Picture 7 We responded with our own narratives.
Picture 8 We tried to find out where the bones came from.
Picture 9 We looked at the type of settlement.
Picture 10 We used all sorts of genres.
Picture 11
Picture 12 We composed our own cave art.
Picture 13 Look at this writing.
Picture 14 We researched using websites.
Picture 15 Look at this story using cave art.
Picture 16 What is happening to the creatures?
Picture 17 The corridor resembles a cave now.
Picture 18 ...And we continue to read in class.
Picture 19 Super learning for sure!

Well done year 3/4.


Mrs Gorsky and her class looked at several poems about bullies


They thought about how the Vikings would bully settlers with their mighty swords and give their weapons names - we call these kennings.


We talked about the language and techniques used by the poets.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3 These girls have written 'bully kennings'
Picture 4
Our older pupils in Mrs Sample's class have looked at some fictional works about the Holocaust. They have learned about the saddest events of the war years.
Picture 1
Picture 2

These pupils worked together on a narrative about the experiences of a girl seeing victims of the Nazi regime inside a concentration camp.

'Too many of them. Sorrow. Silent abandoned faces. What had they done? Children just like Rose. Pale, wan faces. Abandoned...'



Read on - you can see they have really understood the feelings of Rose and the importance of the terrible events.



You can see the picture that the boys were using to compose their work.

As you can see above writing is an important part of our curriculum at Waverley. We give all children the chance to write in all subjects with a range of topics. We enhance the children's writing experience using super learning days. Where the children can be inspired and feel part of the action.


Lots of pupils are sent to see Mr Outterside everyday for their writing.


Sometimes it's for great written homework on a particular topic.



Picture 1
Picture 2 Homework on a particular topic.
Picture 3 Early writing and brilliant pictures.
Picture 4 Sometimes for wonderful legends.
Picture 5 The standard of work is very high.
Picture 6 Pupils are often showing off their efforts.
Picture 7 It's nice to see pupils working well together.
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14

Our teachers and pupils take a great pride in their books.


We like to see pupils who do things for themselves also.


We give pupils awards and stickers for their writing achievements.


It's good to see progress through a book - from the beginning to the end.


So if you have visited Mr Outterside recently you are a writing star. You should be proud of your efforts.


...and keep up the good work!



Mrs Sample recently took a group of readers to speak to author John Stephens.  They worked with other schools from around the city and were given an insight into the way he writes his books.


The children were given signed copies of the book and had the opportunity to ask questions.


Some of our pupils enjoyed talking about his new book. Whilst others enjoyed curling up and getting their head into the new story.


Our pupils were keen to volunteer their thoughts and ideas during a lecture to the whole group.


John read from his new book and told us all about the plot and characters.


We were keen afterwards to explore his ideas and we will be looking closely at his work in the future.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Encounter with Fear


A stomp. A crash. A roar…


The once clam trees were stumbling down the hill, falling, tumbling, rolling.


What was pushing them?


My heart was beating like a drum. I froze for a minute. I was terrified. Instinct took over. I stumbled while sprinting to my car to hide. While I lay after falling over in the mud, I felt scared. My car was only twenty metres away.


How could I get there before the bear came?


Jodie Marshall


Encounter with Fear


“Stop!” somebody shouted sharply, the sound echoed through me. I slowly turned around. Standing on his hind legs, in the middle of the road, stood the terrifying, vicious bear. Despite my pounding heart, my legs and feet were frozen to the spot. Should I run and hide? I decided to run. As I began to run, the frightful bear followed. Tripping, falling, lying; frozen to the floor.


Jessica Mann


Encounter with Fear


The sun was glistening, bouncing off the blossom, crystals on the tree. My friend and I, Jack, entered the deep, dark, ghostly forest; the one where no-one goes.


We really shouldn’t have gone in there.


Scarlette Melaney


Mrs McGettrick's class have continued to work on their latest topic with some superb research on creatures that inhabit the rainforest. They found some interesting facts and then used Publisher to display the information.

Picture 1 Wow... 9m long!
Picture 2 Can lay 10 to 15 eggs!
Picture 3 160kg in weight!
Picture 4 A short life!
Picture 5 Can live 20 years!
Picture 6 Very strong!

The rest of the work is on display in school - well done team!



Robbie Burns visits Waverley

Picture 1 The Great Scottish writer Robbie Burns
Picture 2 The Great Scottish writer Robbie Burns
Picture 3 The Great Scottish writer Robbie Burns
Picture 4 The Great Scottish writer Robbie Burns
Picture 5 The Great Scottish writer Robbie Burns
Picture 6 The Great Scottish writer Robbie Burns
Picture 7 Miss Broderick celebrates with a dance
Picture 8 The Great Scottish writer Robbie Burns