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Time off in term time

Holidays in Term Time:

The school is no longer able to authorise holidays during the school term. If you wish to take your child on a family holiday in term time you must notify the school office in writing before you travel. You should include details of the reason for the holiday during the term and the dates your child will be absent from school.

Your child will be issued with a 'G' code on the attendance record, this means the school is aware of the holiday but it is not agreed and therefore is classed as an unauthorised absence from school.

Please be aware that taking unauthorised holidays will have an impact on your child's attendance record .


Medical Appointments during school hours:

Where possible all medical appointments should be made outside school hours. If this is not possible (i.e hospital appointments), you should provide the school office with a copy of your appointment letter/card. Theses absence will be coded with a 'M' Medical Appointment and will be an authorised absence.


The Government expects all children to be in school for at least 95% of the time, any child with attendance less than this will be investigated by the school and the Local Authority Attendance Team. Poor attendance has a direct impact on your child's learning.