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  1. Schools must be open for the teaching of pupils for 190 days in a school year.
  2. Schools must also identify a further 5 days or the equivalent in a school year when teachers are available for work and may only be required to perform other duties.  Schools are closed to pupils on these 5 days or the equivalent and teachers are not required to teach pupils on these days.
  3. Three of the 5 non-teaching days should be taken within the school term dates specified and must take account of school closures (where appropriate) to accommodate local, European or Parliamentary elections.  The remaining two days or the equivalent therefore should be taken outside of the specified school term dates.
  4. It is at the discretion of the headteacher in consultation with the staff as to when and how these days are planned.  Flexibility of where staff work on these days is also open to consultation. 
  5. The dates of non-teaching days are not necessarily common across all schools.  Individual schools should notify parents of the dates of their non-teaching days.
  6. Staff development days cannot be brought forward from one academic year to the next.
See dates below for the current term - note that new dates will be added on a weekly basis