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Summer 2

Week Two

Today we have worked as team - as we would in industry - in order to complete the challenge as set by Mrs McGettrick: can we build enough paper cylinders to take a load of 28 kg? After testing the strength of one cylinder, we calculated that we would need 244 cylinders in order to take a load of 28kg - ie, our willing volunteer, James!

We worked in groups of three to make 48 tubes each - we had a sellotape dispenser, a roller and a sticker. Each team worked well together to complete their tubes in a strict time frame. If a team finished quickly, they moved on to help another. 

We were very excited to see if our calculation would be accurate, so we carefully moved each tube in to the dining hall. We couldn't fit all the tubes underneath the stand, so we had to figure out how to do this. We came up with the idea of placing tubes inside another. Once this was done, we were ready to test them out. James was nervous before mounting the stand, but Mrs McGettrick assured him to trust in science! 

Everyone cheered when James was able to stand on the tubes! 

Week 1

Welcome back everyone! We have another busy half term ahead - we're going to continue reading Room 13 and begin writing more stories. 

Room 13 has inspired us to write poems today, based on what could lie behind a mysterious door. This is Jack's poem:


The Door

Open the door, I know you want to

You wonder about the secrets it holds.

There could be a cat scavenging for chicken 

or a boy looking for a friend.


Just open the door,

it could hold your wildest dreams

or even a new world.


Beyond the door could be a home for you and me.


If we enter and none of that is true,

at least it's something new.

We've introduced a new homework task across KS2 this week - this is to be a spelling story. The children have been set the task of using each of their spelling words in a sentence to create a 'story'. This does not have to make sense, but each word must be spelled correctly and used in the correct context.

Here is Mr Garrod's example, using some of the Y5 words as an example:


My Spelling Story

The smell from the kitchen was terrible! Mrs Bustup had prepared a horrible pan of mince that had burned so badly I couldn’t believe it was possible. The smoke was visible from our classroom. I got an incredible headache. The kitchen staff should be more responsible! I thought I was going to have to make a forcible entry into the oven. It’s not sensible to put a pan on to heat for three hours – the instructions must not have been legible. The trouble is, once it’s burnt, the change is not reversible.