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Summer 2

Week 5 - 01/07/19

This week we have been investigating how light reflects off different surfaces depending on whether they are smooth or rough. We wrote different secret messages and they had to be decoded by using a mirror. We then tried to travel backwards on a curvy line using a mirror, this was difficult. 


 Mrs McGovern's class also investigated if light is reflected by a mirror. Lots of fun was had writing backwards messages and using a mirror to follow a wiggly line on the top yard. In Maths we have been learning how to read the time on both an analogue and digital clock. We also looked at the 24 hour clock and Roman Numerals too. We transferred our skills about telling the time to reading timetables and finding out how long different activities took. In English we are continuing reading Gorilla by Anthony Browne and using the characters to write conversations bringing in our grammar work on inverted commas.

Week 4 - 24/6/19

This week we have been investigating what materials are reflective and what are reflective materials used for. We tested several materials and chose the most reflective material for our designing a school bag project. We are also becoming more confident with time as we have started using digital and analogue time to compare. We have also been using practical equipment to solve time problems. 

Week 3 - 17/10/19

We have been horrible pirates this week and been trying to work out which treasure chest we should take from the island. We were given different treasure chests and had to find different fractions of gold, silver and bronze coins to work out which chest would be the best to take. We were using our amazing multiplication and division facts to help us. 


We have also been discussing different figurative language we could use to describe the lion from 'Tom's Sausage Lion' as Tom has ended up in a tricky situation. We even used different are techniques to draw the setting of the story. We will be using the figurative language and pictures to create our own poems. 

Week 2 - 10/6/19

What a great start to the week! The History Bloke came into school to teach us about WW2. We looked at lots of objects from the war, he even wore his coat that his dad had during the war. We looked at lots of objects from one family, Alfie Palmer was evacuated to Northumberland but we managed to look inside his suitcase to what he took with him. His mother and father were left in Newcastle. His father was an air raid warden who worked in Newcastle. We even listen to a real life siren and pretended to put out a bomb using a fireman's hose. 

       In English Mrs McGovern's class have been looking at poems made up of similes and onomatopoeia. The children are looking forward to writing their own next week. In History we followed up what we had learnt from That History Bloke by thinking about what we would have taken with us if we had been evacuated during the second world war.

Week 1 - 3.6.19

This week we have started thinking about persuasive writing techniques and how they impact people. We wanted to persuade our teacher that Tom definitely did see the lion. We then had to persuade Miss Mole to bring a puppy into school for us. As Finely walked through the alley, the whole class gave him advice on how to persuade Miss Mole to bring the puppy into school- we then linked this to the features of a persuasive advertisement as we are going to design our own holiday advertisement. 


All of Year 3 has been looking at the perception of Jesus and how different people view him in different ways. We reflected on how we may portray Jesus and why this was? We discussed what we have learnt from The Bible and previous lessons and how this created an image of Jesus. We discussed why we liked different pictures of Jesus and how they differ from each other and debated why the artists/painter has done this. 


Well done all those children who researched about Newcastle during WW2 and created various pieces for their homework. We had an excellent quiz from Noah which we will be using to test our knowledge. It was lovely to see that a lot of children went to The Victoria Tunnel after researching, mapping, watching and creating lots of pieces of work about our local history. 




In Science we finished off our topic on plants by investigating whether heat had an affect on the transportation of water up the stem of a plant. We put white flowers and sticks of celery in jugs with blue food colouring and 200ml of water. We left one in the classroom at room temperature, one in the fridge for a cold location and one in a hot cupboard for a warm location. The blue food colouring did not travel as far as the white flowers, however we did see some movement up the celery. The furthest was 4cm up the celery left at room temperature. We concluded that extreme cold and heat probably did affect the transportation of water. Look at the photos below to see how we set up our investigation.