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Summer 2

Book Creator

Today GEM education were in school helping us to develop ipad use in school. We have had  a fantastic session learning how to use book creator. The children have created their own books on animals & habitats. They added pictures, text, and sound to their books. We also used an app called puppet pals to add video to our eBooks. 

Measures - Capacity

Today in maths the children were asked to write the recipe for a dream that was no more than 500ml in volume. The could choose from 5 different ingredients using all or a combination of the ingredients. They had to add up the total number of ml they used in their dream and share with the class. The children then made their dreams in dream jars according to their recipe.

Releasing the Butterflies

The BFG by Roald Dahl Dream-Catching

This week we have been reading the BFG by Roald Dahl. The children have written instructions on how to catch a dream inspired from the video clip of the chapter Dream-Catching. They have designed a dream and written a dream. Today we found out where dream catchers originated from and wrote non-fiction facts about it. We then made dream-catchers of our own. 

Wednesday 3rd July 2019


The butterflies have begun to hatch. When they hatch their wings are wet and crumpled. It takes a couple of hours for the wings to dry. Then the butterflies began to explore the habitat. We put in grapes, melon and sugary water in the habitat to feed them. 


While we have been away over the weekend our caterpillars have formed their chrysalis around themselves. Now we wait for the transformation...

Look how much we've grown in 12 days!


As part of our learning about life cycles we have welcomed a group of caterpillars into the classroom this week. The children are able to observe the caterpillars closely as they grow and change into butterflies! Look how much they have grown over the last few days...

Vincent Van Gogh...

This week we have learnt about the life of Vincent Van Gogh and his paintings. We had a go at painitng our own version of his Sunflowers painting.

Welcome back!

I hope you all had an enjoyable half term holiday. This term our topic is Giants and Dreams. We will be reading stories like Jacks and the Beanstalk including alternative versions and the BFG by Roald Dahl. In science we will be learning about plants and life cycles including a trip to Kirkley Hall Zoo to look at habitats and animals. In math we will be covering addition and subtraction, multiplication, time and capacity. 


This term we will be having a focus on handwriting for spelling in preparation for KS2.