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Summer 2

Wednesday 22nd June


We have enjoyed a memorable Forest School this week, handcrafting pencil shafts out of sticks using woodwork tools. The class also had a search for invertebrates living in the local environment, and played some self-devised games. Beautiful conditions for outdoor learning!

Wednesday 15th June


Year 5 have done some superb work on the concept of peace in different religions as part of their RE work with Mrs Hibberd. They were able to present and discuss the topic confidently.

Tuesday 14th June


We've had a terrific time in the Waverley Sports Day events - some incredible performances from the Year 5 pupils!

Friday 10th June


It's been a highly rhythmic week in Year 5, as the class have been using GarageBand to compose drum and percussion patterns. Heads were nodding, shoulders were weaving and arms were moving - the music was clearly hitting the mark!