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Summer 2

LKS2 Spelling Bee

Well done to all those children who took part in the spelling bee this morning.

Congratulations Spelling Bee Winners 1st, 2nd & 3rd place

Victoria Tunnel

Today year 3 went on a visit to the Victoria Tunnel to learn about how it was used in World War 2. They tried on tin hats worn by ARP Wardens and examined a variety of artefacts including gas masks, ration books, bombs, identity cards, evacuation suitcases and contents. They heard the air raid siren and explored the tunnel and what it would be like to stay in there during an air raid. They also experienced a blackout. 

Afterwards we had lunch at Stepney Bank Stables, then walked down through the Ouseburn and along the Quayside looking at different features on the way. They saw the Mill Chimney, the Sea Song Sang, the toffee factory, the Baltic Flour Mill and the Sage among others. They also saw the bridges across the Tyne and crossed the Millennium Bridge. 


Ouseburn to Quayside

On the Millennium Bridge


This week we have been discussing rationing in World War 2 and looking at how fruits and vegetables were used as substitutes for ingredients that were hard to get. Today year 3 read and followed a recipe for chocolate pin wheels that used mash potato as a substitute for eggs and some fat to make the pastry.

Welcome back!

I hope you all enjoyed the Platinum Jubilee celebrations and are looking forward to summer. This term we are continuing our learning on World War 2 and have our trip to the Victoria Tunnel coming up. In geography we will learning about Europe. In science we will be investigating light and shadow. Maths this term is geometry, mass and capacity and revision.