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Summer 2

Week 6

We've had another jam packed week of learning in Y4! We’ve been learning a poem by Joseph Coelho called ‘Hamster! Hamster!’ and have story mapped it. We have focused on electricity in science and have made a working series circuit. Yet again, weaker the Circle of Fitness champions! Well done team, especially in this heat! 

Sports Day

Everyone had a great sports day. Fantastic team work, participation and support from all. Congratulations to the red team winners! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Week 2

This week is the Literature Festival! We’ve been enjoying reading, performing, illustrating and writing lots of different genre. So far we’ve taken part in a drama workshop with West End in Schools and have performed a scene from Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer night’s dream’, have created character doodles with author Inky Willis and written exciting adventures for them. 
On Wednesday, we had a visit from the energetic and enthusiastic poet Rappaman, aka Donavan Christopher. He performed lots of poems and raps from his book collections and inspired us to write our own class rap:



Respect all people R.A.P.

Join our club and you will see!


We’re the kids in year 4,

And the future you hope for!

Do not fear, we’ll be great,

We believe in love, love not hate!


We care for others around our school,

Be polite, don’t be a fool!

Treat everyone well, we’re sure you’ll agree,

We’re equal, the same you and me!

Were not cruel, mean or unkind,

Were friends together, which you’ll find!

Don’t damage, keep each other secure,

Waverley’s the best school - for sure!


Week 1

Hope you're well rested, have enjoyed the sunny half term and are ready for the last half term of the year!


This week we’ve role played being Roz, the main character from The Wild Robot. We generated interview questions to find out what it’s like to be a new mother.

We have linked our geography work on tsunamis to our watercolour painting unit by looking at The Great Wave by Hokusai. We empathised with the people living in South East Asia during the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004 and tried to create what it looked like as a freeze frame. Here we are drawing our own version of The Great Wave before adding colour.