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Summer 2

Summer 2 - Week 4 - Friday 2nd July


The children have shown me how much they have learnt this year. I am so proud of them after all the disruption of this year. Well Done Year 1! We enjoyed our sports morning on Wednesday, we were so sad parents couldn't make it this year. The children enjoyed all the activities and it was lovely to see them all cheering each other on. Take a look at our day... 





Summer 2 - Week 2 - Friday 18th June


This week at Waverley we had a whole school celebration of all things Literature. The children have LOVED it! We started our week off by discussing what Literature is and the children came to realise that it is all around and they love it. We have had lots of fun with stories, reading, silly rhymes, raps, poems and rhymes. 


Over the course of the week the children have learnt the structure of a story, from using an exciting opening to describing the main characters, describing the setting, creating a problem for the main character to discussing who is going to save the day and finally finishing with a happy ending. The children all created their own silly stories and made a front cover, so that everyone was a author by the end of our Literature festival. Well done Year 1, we have great fun and you have learnt so much. 

Summer Term 2 - Week 1 - Friday 11th June


Welcome back to the final half term of the academic year. We have lost of events planned this term to enthuse, excite and support the children. Next week we have our Waverley literature festival. A chance for the children to celebrate and enjoy all things literature. 


This week in Mathematics, the children have been introduced to arrays, I have challenged them to find things within the home this weekend, that are set out in arrays. Arrays are when items or objects appear in rows and columns eg eggs in cartons, cans of pop in 6 pack, a box of chocolates and tomatoes on a vine. They have started to describe them... eg there are 2 rows of 6. Arrays will support the children with multiplication as they progress in this throughout the school. 


As we finally have some hot weather and sun... please can all children have a water bottle and hat with them everyday. If you wish to supply sun cream for the children to apply themselves, this can be named and left in their bags. 

Thank you, 

Miss Anderson