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Summer 2

Sports Day 2019

Wednesday 26th June - Summer 2- Week 4

What a wonderful day we have had at the beach today. The weather was warm and the sun even got out at lunch time. We made the trip to Cullercoats beach and it was perfect. We were met by a pirate... Captain Raggy Beard and he told us lots of wonderful pirate stories. We did lots of other fantastic activities on the beach such as exploring the beach and caves, sandcastle competition, tug of war and sack races.   

Trip to the Beach....

Due to the recent weather conditions please can Reception children have appropriate clothing for our trip to the beach on Wednesday. They will need warm, waterproof clothing and may need Wellies (we have spare pairs in school). The children will only need to bring a packed lunch (unless this has been requested from school) as the adults will be taking all other resources. The weather forecast (I've been checking daily) looks like it is going to be dry by Wednesday but the sand may still be soggy. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask. 

We are aiming to leave school around 9.20am and will be back at school for 3.15pm. 

Monday 24th June - Summer 2- Week 4

When the children arrived at school this morning, they noticed something peculiar. There was a mystery box in our classroom. The children wondered where it may have came from, how it got to our classroom, what might be inside of it and most importantly who did it belong to. We opened it up and found some treasure, along with a note from... Captain Raggy Beard. In his note, he asked the children to keep his treasure in a safe place and challenged them to draw a map so that he will know where to find it, once they had buried it. The children then wrote a note back to Captain Raggy Beard.  

Tuesday 18th June - Summer Term 2 - Week 3 

We have two new members of our Reception class, meet Barry and Fluffy. The children all had ideas as to what we could name our classroom fish and they wrote their ideas down on a post it note. We then discussed everyone's ideas and had a class vote. Barry and Fluffy won with 8 votes each. We discussed what we need to do to look after them to keep them safe and healthy. The children wrote some independent sentences about how to look after them. 

Friday 7th June - Summer Term 2 - Week 1

Welcome back to the last half term of the academic year. This term we will be covering the topics Under the Sea, Pirates, The Circus and then we will be supporting the children with the transition to year 1. If your child has any Fiction or Non-Fiction books related to our topics, they can bring them into school to share with their friends. 


In the first week in Maths, we will be covering halving practically and then we will be consolidating and securing a greater depth knowledge of the number system to 20 and beyond.


In Literacy this term, we will be teaching the children to write multiple sentences as independently as possible, using their phonic knowledge, about stories such as 'The Rainbow Fish' and 'Barry the Fish with Fingers'.    


Through these stories we will be discussing themes of managaing feelings/behviours of sharing, how to be a good friend, and friendships.  

Thank you for your continued support.

Don't forget our EYFS Sponsored Scoot on Wednesday 12th June, where the children can bring in their bike/ scooter or a wheeled toy to complete the challenge.

Miss Anderson  

Wednesday 12th June - Summer Term 2 - Week 2  

A huge thank you to all parents who walked/ carried your child's bike, scooter or pram (in the pouring rain) to school today for our EYFS Sponsored Scoot. The children all had a fabulous time completing the challenge of how many laps they could achieve in 3 minutes... thankfully we only had one flat tyre. Thank you to all parents and carers who have sent in their sponsor money, this will all go towards providing exciting experiences for the children.