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Summer 2

Saying Goodbye

Today, we said goodbye to our WONDERFUL Year 6. We will miss you all!


In honour of our love of Lilo and Stitch...

Ohana: Ohana means family.

Family means no-one gets left behind or forgotten.



Week 5: 29-6-20

Our hoodies arrived! It was a lovely surprise, this morning, to find them on our chairs... We love them!

A huge thank you to Mrs Bouch for organising them for us! smiley

Week 4: 22-6-20

It has been such a glorious week! The weather has been amazing so we have been outside, making the most of the sunshine. Miss Cowling taught us to play rounders and scatterball (kicky rounders). We were very competitive!


In the classroom, we finished off our algebra unit in Maths. We worked together, socially distanced, of course, to solve some problems...

On Thursday afternoon, we made cardboard dragons with Mrs McGettrick. It was really tricky! They're not quite finished... next week, we paint them!

Week 3: 15-6-20

It was lovely to see many of the class back in school this week. Don't they look thrilled?!

We promise, we have been working very hard... despite the pictures below showing us having lots of fun!

We have watched 'Eye of the Storm' and have been thinking about descriptive writing. We have also started to learn how to use algebra. We were surprised that it was actually far easier than we thought it would be!

As you can see, Miss Cowling has kept us busy in P.E. - Crazy golf, child sized table football and football darts...

Week 2: 8-6-20

Hi everyone, 

Not long now and we'll be back together. Once we are back at school, this page will go back to being a record of the work we are doing in school. If you are not returning yet, don't worry, I'll be sending your work directly to your parent's email address. Please send me pictures of any work you do so we can celebrate it on the website.


Have a great week, 

Mrs S x


Spelling: This week, we continue with synonyms and antonyms. 



Reading: This week, we are reading another text that is a mystery/suspense story. Read the text and have a go at answering the questions. While you are reading, keep in mind the following questions:

  • How is the author making me feel?
  • How are they doing that?
  • How are they using sentence structure to create suspense?
  • How are they using vocabulary effectively? 
  • What type of punctuation are they using? 


Writing: This week, I'd like you to have a go at the activity below. Look at the examples given first and think about the way we can use different vocabulary to change a piece of writing from sinister to happy, for example. Have a go at the examples. Where it says, 'Your teacher will tell you...' ask your Mum, Dad, Grandma, brother etc. They just have to suggest a mood, like happy or scary... 


Now, create an effective description for the image I have included below.



Maths: I have moved away from White Rose this week. The resources were moving on to algebra. Algebra is such an important part of secondary maths that I don't want you to try it and get confused, so I have moved it into the time when you will be back with me. Instead, I have two things I'd like you to do. The first is an arithmetic paper - you don't have to complete all at once, it's just to keep your basic skills ticking over. The second, is a set of reasoning questions linked to fractions. Again, take your time and ask for any help. I check my email a few times every day. No cheating with the answers!



Science: In preparation for some work we are going to be doing back at school, I'd like you to look at all three sections on the following page:


As you can see, we are going to be thinking about our Earth and the way that we can protect it. The videos should give you some insight and address some of the questions we have to ask ourselves. Create a leaflet that explains how we, as humans, are effecting the planet. It should attract the attention of a reader so think about how you can do that... Maybe a slogan? Consider the colours you should use... Have a go and bring it with you next week if you'd like to, or send me a photograph of your work... 


Week 1: 1-6-20


Spelling: This week your spellings are synonyms and antonyms - words that have the same meaning and their opposites. I have a revision PowerPoint for you first, to remind yourself of the word class. Have a go at all the activities... if we are back next week, you will be tested on them!


Reading: We are moving away from Greek Myths this half term. This week, I have a story called 'The Red Room' for you to read and answer the questions. It is a mystery/suspense story... As you are reading, think about the way the author manages the text to make the reader feel excited or afraid...


Writing: Think about the text you have read. I'd like you to have a go at writing a similar short story. Think about where your story could take place... Is a rose-covered cottage really going to be a good place to start? How are you going to make the reader 'on edge'? Think back to the work we have done before... How can we use the length of sentences? What about very short sentences and punctuation? Closer... The sound seemed closer...

Most importantly, your story should be 500 words. I'll allow a little each side of that but if you can make it exactly 500 words, I shall be very impressed!


Maths: Your work this week is once again from the White Rose Hub. I have attached the link below. The activities are here on the page. This week, you will revising converting fractions, decimals and percentages as well as finding percentage of amounts. It is tricky but you were all brilliant in class!



Geography: When we return to school, we are going to be using and drawing maps. This week, I'd like you to revise the work we have already done in this regard. Below are two links: one revising how we use maps and one looking at symbols and contour lines. Work through each and have a go at the quiz at the end of each section.



Contours, keys and symbols:


Art: As we are allowed to go out more, for longer walks, I thought it might be nice to have an art lesson or two this week. The two lessons, from Oak National Academy, follow on from each other. The first takes you on a texture treasure hunt; the second is about replicating what you see in your own art work. 


Lesson 1:


Lesson 2: