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Summer 2

WOW! Well guys, we've made it! Year 4 DONE!!! And what a year to remember for so many reasons! Although we didn't finish the year together, I am so excited that I will be moving into Upper Key Stage 2 with you all - even if you're changing classes. 

We've lots of lovely memories from our time together over the year, I spent some time reflecting on this and I have put together a slideshow of some of my favourite days and times for you to enjoy and remember. 

I will miss you all like mad over the school summer holidays and I am more than happy for you to drop me a message over dojo and let me know what lovely things you've been up to. 

I have provided your last week of home learning below the slide show - get that done - then SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!! Enjoy your break and stay safe everyone. I look forward to seeing you all in September in your new Year 5 grown up uniforms!

Lot and lots of love and socially distanced hugs -  Mrs Lynch (and Murphy) xxx

Home Learning - Summer 2 - week 7
Home Learning - Summer Term 2 - Week 6

Hi everyone! 

I hope this finds you all well and good!

I have been back at school all well with the children who are in school. We're having a lovely time in our bubble, but I still miss you all lots. Murphy has grown LOADS this last week. I will try and find a photograph to see just how big he is, he is so funny!

The weather hasn't been as great as last week, but I hope you've been finding plenty of things to keep you busy. I've decided to give you a sketching skills activity booklet this week as the weather looks to be much the same for a few days yet, so something nice to do indoors is just what's needed. Don't forget to show me your work either on email ( or via the dojo app. 

Have a great week and stay safe!


Love Mrs L xx


English Home Learning - Summer 2 Week 6

This week in your English home learning we are looking at texts by one of my favourite authors and illustrators - Anthony Browne.

  • Day 1 – Children make predictions about The Night Shimmy. They listen to the story and then answer questions about his artwork.    
  • Day 2 – Children listen to Silly Billy. They re-write a set of instructions and then write a letter about their own worries.    
  • Day 3 – Children listen to both stories again and answer comparison questions. They describe and illustrate their own magical object.   
  • Day 4 –Children listen to Voices in the Park. They read the text and answer questions. They write a version of the day from the point of view of one of the dogs.   
  • Day 5 – Children listen to Voice in the Park again. They divide some of the text into paragraphs. They imagine the next day at the park and write about it from the point of view of one of the characters.



Anthony Browne

Here is an interesting video of Anthony Browne talking to school children about his fascinating work and ideas.

Art/Sketching Skills Home Learning - Summer 2 Week 6

Have a look at this video clip from Newsround to show what the government think schools might be like in September. Let me know what you think about their ideas and suggestions or if you have any queries or concerns, please just drop me a message and I will answer anything I can.
Summer 2 Week 5 Home Learning

Hello everyone!

What lovely weather we've had this week! I hope you've all been enjoying it - rain on the way for the forthcoming week so take advantage of it and get your home learning done. 

In school we enjoyed the weather with a huge water fight! We did have a rule not to wet the adults but it didn't quite work out that way.....yes YOU Adam and Tia!!! Your cards are marked!

Keep cracking on with your learning at home so that we're all ready for Year 5, stay in touch and keep your messages and photos coming, I love to hear how you're all doing. 

Take care and stay safe.

Love Mrs L xx



Summer 2 Week 4 Home Learning

Hello my lovelies! Well, what an exciting week, discovering who your teacher is going to be in Year 5! I am so happy to be staying with most of you next year and for those joining Mrs Sample, I shall see you every day too and will still be with you in Upper Key Stage 2! I am thrilled!

In school this week we watched a special assembly given by the Duchess of Cornwall all about kindness. I know you are all very kind people, so I would like to hear about any acts of kindness that you perform this week for extra dojos.

Sad news that Dame Vera Lynne passed away this week at the ripe old age of 103! But we will always be able to remember and thank her when we hear her songs from World War II.

I hope to see you all fit and well soon and hope you're all continuing to stay safe!


Love from 

Mrs L xx

Summer 2 Week 3 Home Learning

Hello there 4L!  I hope you're all still good. I have been in school this week so I have managed to catch up with one or two of you. I really enjoyed that. This week in maths we are working with one of my favourite things.......MONEY!!!! A very useful thing to become good at. 

In English, we are looking at a great book that is also related t o the Rosa Parks work and current news events, I think you may be very interested in it. 

Topic this week is a reflective time about our lockdown time so far, thinking about memories and good things about lockdown that's happened so far. 

Please continue to share your work and photos with me, remember, save paper and work from the screen where you can. Stay safe everyone!


Love Mrs L xxx

Summer 2 Week 3 English

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well and staying safe. Please find below our home learning for this week. Don't forget, most of what is provided doesn't need printing off, you can work from the screen and record on paper in most cases. Remember, if you are having any difficulty you can always contact me via Dojo or email. Keep your work ticking over and oil those brilliant brains up ready for Year 5. Hopefully see you soon. Mrs L xx

Summer 2 Week 2 Home Learning

Hello everyone!


I hope you are all well and good and that you enjoyed your half term break from your home learning. 

We took Murphy to the beach for the first time and he absolutely loved it. He was digging and digging and he had a big sandy beard! He did go in the water but he was a big wimp when the waves came near him - he was so funny! 

This week you will be continuing your work in maths on fractions, this week looking at fractions of amounts - very important if you need to know you are getting a bargain in the sales!

In English you will be learning about adverbials, based on a lovely story from West Africa called "Ananse - The Forgetful Guest", towards the end of the week you are looking at a poem style called "Odes", I am really looking forward to seeing what you can come up with, you can get really silly and have lots of fun with this style of poem. Please send them to me when you get them done to give me a giggle.

A mini-topic this week is a study of the amazing Malala Yousefzai, an inspirational, brave young lady who has had an amazing impact on the world, in particular for children. 

I will be putting new Mathletics on on Monday, so see if you can stack up the dojos!

Miss you all madly, hopefully see you very soon!


Love Mrs L xx