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Summer 2

Hello Year 3!

I hope you have all had a lovely half term enjoying the sunshine! 


Thank you for the lovely photos that some of you have sent in! It's been great to see what you've been up to and well done to all those who have been keeping up with your work. Remember you don't have to complete all the work that is set. 


Below are the weekly spellings for this term. Please learn one set each week! Handwriting and Word search activities for each spelling set will be available each week.

Below are this weeks home learning activities along with extra resources you can access on the KS2 resources for home learning document. 


Stay Safe Everyone!

Jane Thomson

English - World War 2

Can you write a description about the outbreak of World War 2? Use the resources to help you and complete the additional activities.


Don't forget to keep up with Lexia and Read Theory.


Can you read about the key events in world war 2 and put them into chronological order?


This weeks maths is all about fractions. Look at the daily maths lesson and have ago at the worksheets below. 


Don't forget to keep up with Mathletics and Times Tables Rockstars and some of you have 123 Maths logins you can use.


We have 1 more lesson on the human body before we move onto a new topic. This week is all about mighty muscles and how they work. The worksheet is differentiated into 3 levels (1 star being the easiest) Please choose the one that is right for you.