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Summer 2

Information about Year 4

Thank you for your letters about next year. I really enjoyed reading them! 

Your new teacher is Mrs McGetterick.

Her classroom is at the bottom of the Key Stage 2 corridor next to the dining hall. 

You will line up outside my year 3 classroom and walk around school to enter your classroom.

You will have lockers and a drawer to keep your belongings in.

You will get your own pencil case with school equipment in it. 

Mrs Ross will be the helper in year 3 & year 4.

Year 3 and Year 4 will have playtime together. 

PE is on a Monday afternoon for year 3 and year 4 with Miss Cowling.

Below are some pictures of your new classroom and your lockers.

I hope this answers all your questions! Have a lovely summer holiday and we will see you on Monday 7th September!

Love Mrs Thomson


Hi Year 3

This is the last week of home learning before the summer holidays begin! You deserve a rest from all the work that you've been completing at home. I'm very proud of all your achievements - you've been fantastic at such an uncertain time. While I am sad that we've spent the last few months apart, I enjoyed our time together in year 2 & 3. We created lots of memories and had lots of fun times! 

Have a lovely final week in year 3

Love Mrs Thomson


The last week of maths is all about capacity and data handling! Dig your measuring jugs out the cupboard and fill the bath tub!

Spelling and Handwriting activities


Take this I spy list on a walk with you and tick off each building or landmark you see on your journey. Can you make your own I spy list to take on a journey?


Think back through our time together and draw or paint your favourite memory of Year 3. This could be a lesson or outing we went on, or a moment with your friends. Can you design a picture frame to go around your artwork? This could be made from card or other materials.

Hello Year 3!


Thank you for the lovely photos that some of you have sent in! It's been great to see what you've been up to and well done to all those who have been keeping up with your work. Remember you don't have to complete all the work that is set. My email address is if you have any questions or anything I can help with.


Below are the weekly spellings for this term. Please learn one set each week! Handwriting and Word search activities for each spelling set will be available each week.

Below are this weeks home learning activities along with extra resources you can access on the KS2 resources for home learning document. 


Stay Safe Everyone!

Jane Thomson

Great weighing Sophia making cheese scones!

Great World War 2 facts Bobby!

Week 6


Click on the BBC Bitesize link below to the letter writing activity. Can you write a letter to myself and Mrs McGettrick?

Can you tell us ...

  • What you've been learning / doing at home.
  • What you've enjoyed doing.
  • Ask us 3-5 questions (more if you have them!) about your new class and returning to school in September.

Watch the videos and read the tips about how to set your letter out. Complete the three activities

Activity 1 - plan your questions

Activity 2 - plan your letter

Activity 3 - write your letter

You can send your letters to my email address or post them to the school and Mrs McGettrick and I will answer your questions.


Mrs Thomson

Waverley Primary School

Maple Close

Dumpling Hall


NE15 7QZ


This week is all about measuring mass and capacity. Look at the daily lessons and complete the activities. If you have kitchen scales you could do some practical measuring and baking! 



Activity 1 - Can you research our county symbol? You could choose Northumberland or Tyne and Wear. Do you think it accurately represents our county? Would you add anything else to the symbol? Draw the symbol then have ago at designing your own symbol for Northumberland or Tyne and Wear. 

Activity 2 - Follow the instructions and design your own island! Don't forget to include all the features and co-ordinates.

Craft Activity

Can you follow the instructions and make your own origami penguin? You will need a square piece of paper, a black colouring pencil and scissors.

Well done with your weighing and measuring to bake cookies Sophia!

Week 5


This week is drawing accurately, recognising & describing 2D shapes & 3D shapes and telling the time. Watch the video link to the daily lesson and complete the worksheets.


This week read all about Captain Tom Moore's fundraising efforts and complete the questions. 

Activity 1 - Captain Tom Moore Reading Comprehension & Questions

Activity 2 - Look, Cover, Write, Check

Activity 3 - Handwriting

Activity 4 - Spelling activities


This week is all about the life cycle of a plant. Learn about the life cycle using the power point and complete the activity. Can you remember some of the scientific names?


Coding curriculum is still avaible for you to log into.


To access please follow the instructions below

1.Go to or to and type in your 6-letter section code: ZYPWXW

2. Select your name

3. Select your secret picture (this is the same)


If you have finished Course C the the link below will take you to some fun coding activities you can complete. Don't forget you can still be an Internet Legend, brush up on your internet safety and explore interland by clicking on the link below.

Great work from Matty and Sophia this week. Well done!

Week 4


This week is all about angles. Watch the Daily Maths Lesson video and complete the activities. For extra help and explanations check the BBC Bitesize link.

Activity 1 - Right Angles

Activity 2 - Compare Angles

Activity 3 - Horizontal and Vertical

Activity 4 - Parallel and Perpendicular


Look at the powerpoint about wartime entertainment. Listen to the songs by Vera Lynn and complete the activities.

Activity 1 - Make up an imaginary radio show.

Activity 2 - Research and write about a wartime toy or game.

Activity 3 - Handwriting

Activity 4 - Spelling activities


This week is all about fantastic flowers. Look at the powerpoint and watch the video, then complete the activities. 

Activity 1 - Match the parts of the flower to the job that they do.

Activity 2 - Complete the pollination process worksheet.

Fantastic Facts Bradley!

And .... Well done to Bobby for moving up to Level 10 on Lexia!

Brilliant Butterfly Poster Evan!

Week 3


This week is ordering, adding and subtracting fractions. Have a look at the daily lesson videos and complete the activities below.

Don't forget to keep up with Times Tables Rock Stars and Mathletics.


This week is all about what plants need to grow healthily. Have a look at the power point to learn about what plants need. Can you draw and label a plant that grows well and a plant that grows badly? Have ago at answering the questions on the worksheet.

English & Topic

Look at the power point to learn about the Battle of Britain and complete the activities below.

Activity 1 - Write 5 facts about the Battle of Britain

Activity 2 - Use the poster of planes to draw or paint a picture of a plane used in WW2

Activity 3 - Follow the instructions to cut out and make a model of a spitfire

Activity 4 - Handwriting

Activity 5 - Spelling activities

Week 2

English - World War 2

Look at the power point about 'The Home Front' It tells you about how people could help from home during the war. 

Activity 1 - Read the diary extracts and match them to the type of contribution to the war effort

Activity 2 - Design your own poster to encourage people to help with the war effort

Activity 3 - Handwriting

Activity 4 - Word search and spelling game



This week is about equivalent fractions and comparing fractions. If you find you need further help the BBC Bitesize link has some good videos and explanations to help you.

Activity 1 - Equivalent fractions (1)

Activity 2 - Equivalent fractions (2)

Activity 3 - Equivalent fractions (3)

Activity 4 - Comparing fractions


Our new science topic is Plants. This week look at the power point about the parts of plants. 

Activity 1 - Label the parts of a plant and write sentences to describe the job each part of the plant has to do

Activity 2 - Match the plant part to it's job


Log into and get coding...


To access please follow the instructions below

1.Go to or to and type in your 6-letter section code: ZYPWXW

2. Select your name

3. Select your secret picture (this is the same)


If you have finished Course C the the link below will take you to some fun coding activities you can complete.

Week 1

English - World War 2

Can you write a description about the outbreak of World War 2? Use the resources to help you and complete the additional activities.


Don't forget to keep up with Lexia and Read Theory.


Can you read about the key events in world war 2 and put them into chronological order?


This weeks maths is all about fractions. Look at the daily maths lesson and have ago at the worksheets below. 


Don't forget to keep up with Mathletics and Times Tables Rockstars and some of you have 123 Maths logins you can use.


We have 1 more lesson on the human body before we move onto a new topic. This week is all about mighty muscles and how they work. The worksheet is differentiated into 3 levels (1 star being the easiest) Please choose the one that is right for you.