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Summer 2

Summer 2 week 5:

We started to learn about Nocturnal animals the fox, hedgehog, owl and bats.  We have been reading the stories Owl babies and the Helpful Hedgehog. We have been writing sentences I am a fox or I am an owl. The children were able to independently add the owlets and record the total in the answer square. 

As we only have 2 more weeks left at school the children have started transition to big yard play times where we join Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 for break.  we have enjoyed using the fitness trail and play with our siblings during this recreational time.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all that came and took part in school sports day.  It was a great day to celebrate the physical achievements your children have made throughout the year.

Summer 2 week 4:

We have been learning all about pirates this week.  We have made maps and hunted out pirate treasure, we have made telescopes to find the ships, we have made pirate masks, dressed up as pirates and Captain Hook in the role play area and we have been making balance beams to save us from the sharks in the water.


next week we will be learning about Nocturnal animals.  At home why not sneak a peak out fo your window at night to see what animals you can spy in your garden.

Summer 2 Week 3:

This week we have been developing our knowledge about the seaside.  Many of the children have been talking about their holidays with "trips to the caravan", "adventures at the Hoppings funfair" "trips on speedy Jet2 to the pool and sunshine".  It has been lovely to hear them all share their current knowledge of the beach and sea.


The children have been learning about the value of money and in particular 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins.  We have been buying things at the shop with real money, counting the coins in a jar, matching money to items for sale and playing I went to the shop and I bought.  We have been writing about our favourite charachters Pirates in Literacy.  Some children have manged to write a sentence with capital letter and full stop.


I have seen a vast improvement in phonic letter recognition and letter formation so please keep completing your homework and bringing it in weekly.  Your children are on their way to Reception so lets give them a head start.


Take a look at this weeks hard work:

Summer 2 Week 1:


Welcome back after the half term holidays.  Since we have come back to school the Rising 3 class and Nursery have come together in readiness for transition.  All children are now completing full days where appropriate which the children are excited about.  

Our new topic:

In the Rainforest


The children are loving our new topic.  We are developing our language skills naming animals and habitats.  The children have made tally charts asking children around the room the question "What is your favourite Safari Animal?"  They then had to count up their total and record this.  We have been developing our iintial sounds in our reading, writing and phonic sessions.  We are recapping the sounds masdtipngock.  We are then using the letter sounds to develop cvc card reading and writing.  


Next Wednesday is our sponsored wheeled toy event so please collect safe sponsors and each child is to bring in a wheeled toy eg bike, scooter, pram.  Please ensure your child has a helmet with bikes to stay safe when riding.