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Summer 1

Friday 24th May - Flamingoland!

We're back in school after our incredible trip yesterday, and here are the photos! No words need to be added to these: the pictures say everything about what a fantastic time Year 6 had, and how brilliant they were all day. Truly a credit to Waverley, and great friends to one another. A wonderful experience!

Friday 17th May

Even at the end of SATs week, there is still time to be surprised in Year 6! One of the children has produced a sensational piece of work in a mindful colouring art session (have a look at the lion below!) and another arrived this morning with a celebratory cake cooked by her mam! Many thanks for that - Mr Garrod even managed to cut it into a sensible number of pieces! :-) 

Tuesday 14th May

After a morning of tremendous focus, with Year 6 completing their End of Key Stage 2 reading assessments, we headed outside for some more reflective time this afternoon. The children sketched landscapes and still-life studies from different vantages around the school grounds. It's amazing what you notice when you really start to look!

Friday 3rd May

This afternoon, we had a terrific visit from Mr Brown of Throckley Primary School. He came to Year 6 to introduce the class to some Year 7 maths teaching, calling upon a range of skills like multiplication facts, place value awareness and algebraic representation. The children rose to the occasion brilliantly - excitement for high school is beginning to build!

Thursday 2nd May

Year 6 live in action! Preparations for the End of Key Stage 2 assessments are well underway - here, the children are working in pairs to crack some grammar challenges. The debate has been heated but productive!