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Summer 1

Week 5

We have been awaiting a sunny day in order to investigate how our shadows change. We spent the day, at hourly intervals, drawing and measuring our shadows. We made predictions about how our shadows were changing throughout the day.


Y6 set us the challenge of visualising and drawing a character from a description that they had written earlier this week. This was a test of our listening skills - Dior and jack were very close in their sketches. Well done!

Week 4 

We have researched the phases of the moon in Science this week. We used Oreos as a means of representing each phase!

Week 3

Instruction writing has been our focus in English lessons this week. We have converted a recount in to a set of instructions - this was a challenging task, but we did very well!


Week 2

This week we have completed our science fiction stories. the children have been really inventive in what the aliens could have left with their main characters as a memento of their time on Earth - pebbles, glowing crystals and stones - that act as tracking devices!

We've been calculating fractions of amounts and using fractions as operators too - tricky concepts but we've grasped this very well!


As we've been space tourists over the last few weeks, we have created adverts for a once in a lifetime trip to experience the solar system - a mere £20,000,000! A bargain!

Week 1

Welcome back everyone! We have a busy half term ahead of us! Our Science focus this half term is Earth and Space so prepare to take an adventure around the Solar System! We'll also be writing science fiction stories, reading Room 13 and studying Whitby in geography lessons.


This week we have been multiplying fractions and have begun writing our science fiction stories. The children have had lots of ideas as to what the aliens could do during their invasion!