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Summer 1

Week 5

This week we have been writing letters home to the city from our countryside homes after we have been evacuated. Some of us ended up in Hexham and Wooler. We have then created our own WW2 propaganda and related them to how it affected Newcastle people during the war. 

Week 4 

After developing our sketching techniques we have took advantage of the nice weather and looked at some natural drawings. We then had a go ourselves using the school garden area. 

Week 3 

This week we started looking at 'The Ice Bear' by Jackie Morris. We made some inferences and predictions using the front cover using what we have learnt about animals that live in a zoo. 

Week 2

Portrait Artists! We have significantly improved our portrait drawing skills. We drew what we could see, not what we thought should be there and the result has been outstanding! The fun we can have with a pencil and paper!

Week 1

ZOO! In English we have started thinking about persuasive writing. To inspire us we've been reading "Zoo" by Anthony Browne and discussing the different pesrpectives involved, positive and negative. We've had some really great discussion and found ourselves thinking in completely new ways.