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Summer 1

Week 5 - 20/05/19


We have just began a new English text 'Tom's Sausage Lion'. In groups, we were able to discuss and explain how Tom was feeling by inferencing what he was saying and his actions. We used evidence from the text to justify our thoughts. We also discussed how Tom appeared to others. We the discussed how the other characters might feel or think from Tom’s actions.

We have also been discussing fractions and understanding how division is used to find a fraction of a number. We have used our two, three and four times tables, some of us could even find an eighth of a number. 

Science has also been very exciting as we are continuing various experiments, this week we have looked at water transport in plants. We have used blue and red food colouring to see if the flowers turn those colours through water transportation. 

   In Mrs McGovern's class we have continued with reading The Butterfly Lion. Bertie has now gone off to fight in the First World War. We have been learning all about writing informal letters and practised these skills by writing a letter from Millie to Bertie. In Maths we have continued learning all about fractions. We had fun playing a pizza game to find out how to make a whole. Look at the photos below.

Week 4 - 13/5/19


This week we have started our exciting local history topic about WW2. We have been discussing The Victoria Tunnel, we created an amazing fact file and mapped the various entrances of the tunnel in Newcastle using different maps. We are also starting to look at some WW2 art and propaganda that is local to Newcastle. 

Week 3 - 7.5.19

We have been continuing our work on issues and dilemmas by relating it to 'The Butterfly Lion'. Bertie and his mum have rescued an orphaned rare white lion cub. They have brought it into the house and want to keep it as a pet for Bertie who is lonely. What do you think the issues and dilemmas are? The children have planned their response and will be writing it next week. Watch this space to find out more.

    In Maths we have moved on to fractions and we have had lots of practical fun with loop cards, cubes and finally smarties this week. We were making equal groups and then asking questions such as ' Would you rather have 3/8 or 3/4 of 24 smarties?' What would you rather have? Take a look at the photos below for our fractions fun.


This week we have been identifying different types of poems, especially calligrams. We found these very exciting so decided to use them as part of designing our own portrait poems. We have been drawing our own portraits and discussing attributes about ourselves using figurative language. 

Week 2 - 29.4.19

We had lots of fun trying to wrap a 'mummy'. What a great way to end our Ancient Egyptian topic.


      We have started reading 'The Butterfly Lion' by Michael Morpurgo. This is a story that raises some issues and dilemmas that need to be resolved. This week we have been working collaboratively using different scenarios that raise an issue and discussing our response. One example was 'If you bought something in a shop and found out after you left that you had been give too much change, what would you do?'
       It was nice to have some sunny dry weather to get outside for Maths and measure the perimeter of the MUGA too.

Week 2 - 29.4.19

This week, we have started planting our sunflower seeds to see how they grow. We wrote a set of instructions on how to plant a sunflower seed. We already know that they need: sunlight, carbon dioxide and water so we are going to share jobs to look after the plants. 


Week 1- 23.4.19

We have continued with measurement, this week we have estimated and measured in cm. We were asked to estimate then measure tallest to shortest in our class. We did it!!!! :) We then had to order the height of different aliens who landed on Earth, they were very competitive as we ended up adding to find the total height of partners as well as finding the difference between heights to see which alien was the tallest and by how much. 



Still image for this video
In English we have looked at the features of different calligrams, we watched an artist form calligrams using the alphabet to form different animals using different sizes and shapes. We began to understand the the use of colour, size, shape and words changed depending on the theme that the poet was trying to betray.   

Insect drawing.

We have been using our love of William Morris to look at insects. We have been using different sketching techniques to draw different insects. We thought about the lighting, coulours and size of the shapes in the photo to reflect our sketch.