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Summer 1


Week beginning 20th May 2019

This week the children have planned, designed and made 'Owl' Sandwiches. They choose they type of bread, spread and toppings they wanted to use to make their sandwiches. They have then written a set of instructions explaining how to make them. Year 2 really enjoyed eating them too!


Week beginning 13th May 

This week we have finished reading 'The Owl who is Afraid of the Dark' by Jill Tomlinson. The children have written character descriptions and the description of a setting. We have discussed our feelings about the dark now we have completed the story in comparison to how we felt before reading the story. Most of the children now feel more confident and happier about the dark than they did before!

Setting Descriptions - The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark

Week beginning 29th April 2019

This week the children have shown off their art skills by painting their own images of Plop the Owl who is afraid of the Dark.

Week beginning 23rd April 2019

This week we have begun learning to give and follow directions using key vocabulary. The children have practised directing each other in the outdoors, given each other instructions to collect toys from the floor and helped the pirate collect his belongings on a map. We have been using words like forwards, backwards, left, right, half turn, quarter turn, whole turn, clockwise, anti-clockwise to give and follow instructions

Welcome Back!

Welcome back after Easter. I hope you all enjoyed the break and ate lots of choclate eggs!

This term in English we will be reading the Owl who is Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson as well as Non-fiction texts about Owls. The children will be making Owl sandwiches and writing instructions. In Maths we will learning position & direction, Measurement of time and completing problem solving activities.