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Summer 1

Tuesday 24th May


Our long-awaited geography to Tynemouth has arrived! The weather was... less than ideal, but we were still able to survey the businesses on Front Street, appraise and sketch the cliff formations in King Edward's Bay, and identify the coastal features of Tynemouth Longsands. The children were absolutely terrific, and impressively resilient in the face of repeated downpours! A cracking day.

Monday 23rd May


We've had some truly hands-on experience in science this week, looking at how to separate different mixtures. The children were brilliant at articulating the difference between a mixture and a solution, and made some (generally!) astute decisions about how best to separate their solids from a liquid.

Thursday 19th May


It's been a thrilling week of reading in Year 5, as we've delved into the uncanny world of Neil Gaiman's 'Coraline'. What lies beyond the brick wall behind the door, and what does the Other Mother want with Coraline...?

Friday 29th April


Year 5 have made a cracking start to their new science topic this week, looking at the properties of materials. If you were going to design and build a house, what materials would you use, given a free choice...?