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Summer 1

Week 2

We walked to Denton Burn library to view the ‘Wonderwall’ exhibition that we helped to create. We had a lovely time looking at the displays and enjoyed listening to the story ‘The Wonder’, which was read to us by librarian Teresa. 
At Forest School, we illustrated the front cover of The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ and a character of our choosing. We then built bridges and tested whether they could withstand a load - a rock and then Nate! 
On Wednesday, we began our art unit using watercolour paints. We discovered lots of different properties after experimenting using the paints. We found out that the colour of the paint is lighter if we use more water or if we paint more with our brushes. We also discovered that when we sprinkle salt over the paint, the paint becomes lighter because the salt absorbs the water in the paint.

Week 1

After writing our own poems, we began rehearsing a performance for other children. We practised learning our poems so that we know them off by heart. Once we knew our lines, we focussed on polishing our performance like the poet Joseph Coelho. We then performed our poems to other children in Y3 and Y1. Even though some of us were nervous, we all performed brilliantly - Olivia Grace made all of Y1 laugh with her performance!

After designing our own bread on Monday, we made our rolls on Wednesday afternoon. On Thursday morning, we evaluated our product against our design criteria. We’re sure that you’ll agree that they look very professional!