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Summer 1

Queen’s Jubilee Celebration

A fantastic afternoon celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee with a picnic, ice cream and a magician. Thanks to all who came. It was a lovely afternoon.

Week 4

This week year 3 have been learning about pollination. They made brightly coloured card flowers and dropped nectar (honey) on them. They placed them in the garden and observed how many insects visited to collect nectar and transfer pollen to other flowers. They observed bees, flies, spiders as well as other insects. 

Enjoying playtime...

Science - plants

This week in year 3 we have been finding out water travels through plants. Water transports nutrients around the plant to heal it grow. Small tubes in the stem transport the water to the the leaves and the petals. We placed white carnations into different coloured water and waited to see what would happen. After a few days the petals began to change colour. We split the stem of one flower and placed one half in blue dye and one in red. As the water travelled up the stem the colours mixed and changed the petals to a purple colour. 

Forest School

Today at forest school year 3 became plant hunters. They searched the local area for different types of plants growing, took sketches and labelled their drawings. We found out that some plants are native to the UK and others have been introduced by different scientists and botanists over the years. Take a look at some of the plants they found below. 

Playing Eagles Nest

Fun in the mud kitchen

Egyptian Shaduf

Today year 3 tested their Egyptian shaduf made last term in Design Technology. They found out the basket was too light and floated on top of the water. Next time they would use a heavier material as the basket. 

Welcome back!

I hope you all had a lovely break and enjoyed eating lots of Easter eggs! This term in year 3 we will be learning about World War 2. We are reading Time train to the Blitz in English, writing setting descriptions and diary entries. In maths we are learning all about fractions then moving on to time. Our Art topic this term is figures and faces. Today year 3 looked at body proportions using chalk on the school yard.