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Summer 1

Week 5


This week we have been learning all about Queen Elizabeth. We have learnt about her reign of 70 years. We have researched facts about her, wrote a poem about 10 things in a Queens handbag and wrote about what we would do if we were the Queen. 
We were set a project by Miss Anderson, we were given 10 years to find and research 10 important things that have happened. We had great fun completing this task.


Thank you to everyone that came to the Jubilee picnic, we hope you had as much fun as we did.


Week 4 


This week the children have sat their Year 2 SAT's test. They have all tried their best and were enthusiastic to come out in small groups to complete their Special Agent Training. They have been BRILLIANT! We are all so proud of them for all their hard work this week. In the afternoons we have been giving the children some down time. We have been doing lots of Art. On Monday they completed some work in the style of Mondrian using the powder paint. On Wednesday they completed work in the style of Picasso. They completed self portraits as well as some colouring in the style of cubism. 


I hope everyone has a well deserved rest this weekend! 

Week 3


This week in English we have been looking at how a story is structured. We did story mountains to help us structure our rewrite of our story. This week we have been reading The rescue party by Nick Butterworth. We then spent the rest of our lessons rewriting the story in our own words. This week we did whole class guided reading. We read a story called The tale of two feathers. This story was about a 2 birds, Otis Owl and Kia Kingfish. We were able to discuss the meaning nocturnal and diurnal. The children then created Wanted posters to help the characters find each other. 
In maths this week we have been revamping basic maths skills in preparation for our Special Agent Training next week. 
The children were very excited to find out that they had there very own Special Agent badges. The children picked their own special agent name and were thrilled to see their agent names on the badges. 
We are ready for next week! 

Week 2


This week in English we have been planning and writing our own version of After the storm by Nick Butterworth. We created a story map, gathered adjectives and sentence starters to help with our writing. In Maths this week we have been learning to divide by 2, 5 and 10. 
This week in science we have been checking on our sunflowers for our experiment we started before the Easter holidays. We planted 5 sunflower seeds with varying conditions to see how they would grow. We found that the sunflowers with no soil, no water and no sun did not grow. The flower that was kept at the wrong temperature did grow but it was yellow instead of green. In history this week we looked at Victorian workhouses and the living conditions for children. 

We have been completing our Special Agent Training again this week. 1 week to go till our SATS week. The children have been working so hard! 
Have a lovely weekend! 

Welcome back!

This week we have started our Secret Agent Training (SATs prep). We have been learning how to divide by 2,5 and 10. We have also had training from Commander G who helps us with the style of questions that we might get asked in our SATs. These videos can be found on YouTube they are very helpful and the children love them. 

We had forest school on Tuesday of this week. We read The three Billy goats gruff. We made pictures from certain parts of the story. We then made our own characters out of the nature around us. We then were tasked to make a bridge for the billy goats to cross but the troll had to be able to hide under it. We split up into 3 teams Miss Douse, Miss Cowling and Mrs Ross. All 3 bridges were made and designed very differently. To test who’s bridge would be the best we placed bricks on top of the bridge whoever’s bridge held the most won. Mrs Ross team’s bridge held 2 bricks, Miss Cowlings team’s bridge held 3 bricks and Miss Douse’s team held 4.