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Summer 1

Week beginning May 20th


This week we are reading How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers.



In Maths we are revisiting Place Value within 100 and we will be building on our prior knowledge with lots of practical, fun activities.


In Geography we will be exploring London and its famous landmarks and in Science we will be looking at seasonal change and making a rain gauge.

Week beginning May 14th

This week we have been learning about position and direction. We worked in groups to hide toys around the yard and direct our friends to find them using key vocabulary such as forward, half turn, quarter turn, right, left, under and behind.



Look at our fantastic rockets! we designed them last week and then built them this afternoon.

Week beginning May 7th


This week we are reading Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram.  Bob is everyone's favourite man on the moon; follow him on his daily adventures. Bob has a special job - looking after the moon. He keeps it clean and entertains passing space tourists as well as giving guided tours. He knows everything about the moon and that there is definitely no such thing as aliens!


In Maths we are learning about fractions with lots of practical activities involving halves and quarters.


We are studying the life of Neil Armstrong in History and we are continuing our work on Judaism in RE with the story of Purim.


On Friday we have our trip to Safety Works. SafetyWorks! is a multi-agency interactive safety centre serving the community of Tyne and Wear. They provide innovative, enjoyable learning experiences enabling visitors to participate safely in realistic situations illustrating every day hazards and how to prevent them.
Workshops include Northumbria Police, British Transport Police, Nexus who run the Metro system, Local Authority Road Safety teams, St John Ambulance and RNLI.


Week beginning April 29th

This week we are reading Beegu by Alexis Deacon in our English. We will be performing the story orally and discussing settings and characters.


In Maths we are continuing our multiplication with doubling and halving.


In History we will be studying the history of space travel.

We will be looking Passover celebrations in RE and we will be continuing our progression with coding in Computing.

Week beginning April 23rd

Welcome back after the Easter holiday. I hope you all enjoyed a well earned rest.


This week we have begun our topic of Destination Outer Space. We have read 'What's in the Sky?' and 'The Red Planet'. We have been learning about the jobs that astronauts do when in space and we have been learning facts about planets and space.


We read the story of St George and the dragon on Tuesday to celebrate St George's Day and we learned about Moses and the ten plagues in RE.


In Maths we have been learning to multiply using arrays.