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Summer 1

Friday 30th April


We've had some dazzling collaborative maths this week as the children have applied their ratio knowledge to some challenging problems. A wide range of strategies were in evidence, showing some great understanding of number. Well done, everyone!

Friday 23rd April


We've had a brilliant first week back, and Year 6 have already got their teeth firmly into the Summer Term curriculum. It's been lovely to finally start reading 'Wonder', which we've been looking forward to since January, and the quality of the writing coming from that has been superb. We've also had some top-notch work on ratios in maths, as well as a great start to our new Ancient Greeks topic in history.


One highlight from the week was an unusual computing lesson, with the whole class taking part in a live coding activity delivered by Barclays online. I think we would agree that we prefer our learning to be in-person, but we still learned some new things about Scratch!