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Summer 1

Investigating Lilies

Today, we thought about the reproductive cycle of flowering plants. We used some of the plants that we found in the Dene on Tuesday and lilies. We dissected them and looked at their reproductive parts. We really enjoyed it!

Forest School - At Last!!

We had a muddy and wet visit to Denton Dene. As part of our Science topic about living things, we tried to identify the different trees along our way. Great fun was had by all!

A Visit from Sonny

Lucy, from Year 1, came with Tia to tell us about her Giant African Snail. Some of thought he was lovely... some of us were very wary. 

Classifying Sea Creatures

In Science, we thought about different ways of classifying sea creatures. It was very tricky. Here we are with our finished examples.

The Arrival

We are reading a beautiful book called The Arrival. It is about a man who has travelled to different place because of the dangers he faced. We have been thinking about our vocabulary choices and using them to help us to write some thought-provoking poetry.

A Visit from Pablo the Tortoise

Today, Libby's tortoise, Pablo, came to visit. We talked about the features that made him a reptile - a rather shy reptile. 

Forest School (when rain stopped play!)

Although we didn't get outside this morning, we didn't let it get in the way of our survival skills! We learned three knots that we can use to help us build a shelter...

A Visit from Luca

Eva has a pet bearded dragon named Luca - we're not sure if it's a girl or a boy yet. 

Science - Branching Databases

This week, we have been thinking about the classification of animals. We thought about the features of groups of animals, such as amphibians and mammals. Here we are creating our branching databases to help sort and classify the animals. 

Week 1

Welcome back everyone!

This week, we have been very busy. We have begun our new Science topic, thinking about 'The Living World'. In English, we are close to the end of 'Kensuke's Kingdom'. We read about the night the turtles hatched on the island. This tied in perfectly with our Science work. 

Here we are researching the features of an explanation, so we can write our own about the life cycle of a turtle.