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Summer 1

WB: 24.05.21

Forest School

We couldn't go down to the dene for Forest School this week - but all was not lost! We used the knowledge we have gained over the last few weeks in our DT lessons about bridges, to design and build a bridge. It was all about listening to each other, discussion, compromise and design theory. We know triangles are one of the strongest shapes so we tried to strengthen our bridges using those like real structural engineers. There was a prize for the best aesthetics and a prize for the bridge that held the most weight. We all did incredibly well. Look what we produced in just three hours! Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

Divide and Conquer

We used practical maths to introduce the concept of division this week, manipulating items so we could visualise what is actually happening to the number. As we became more confident we were able to translate that into number sentences, then moved on to division calculations with remainders and how that may be recorded.


Things are heating up in our class novel - Cosmic! The time has come for a vote to be cast and our favourite, Liam Digby, needed some help. So we spent our English lessons creating really effective arguments as to why we believed he should go into Space!

We have been keeping a very close eye (from a distance) on our pair of nesting blackbirds. We have reason to believe we may have recently hatched chicks as we keep seeing the adults flying in and out of the hedgerow with worms and things in their beaks. We keep having quiet and still moments to see if we can hear the babies tweeting but we haven't heard anything yet.......

WB: 10.05.21

Talk about close!!!!!! We had success this week, in that we have moved up the promotional ladder, however we were pipped to pole position by Year 4 by a mere 100th!!! Next week the trophy will be ours!!!!!

Circle Of Fitness

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I think you can clearly see that we have made a significant improvement. Waiting patiently for results to come in after lunch..........WELL DONE to all of you doing extra training at home and during your school play times. I am super-impressed.

We have had an amazing week in Maths. We have learned how to use the area model to help us multiply numbers using partitioning to help us and multiplying by 10 and 100. Many of us never thought we would be able to do this but here we are flying with it now. We're so clever!

English - we became future advertising executives and budding actors.

This week in English, we have been writing advertisements to promote our very own designs of "Infinity Park" based on our class text "Cosmic". We performed them on Friday and I have to say we did a stirling job of it! See what you think........


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In Geography this week, we have been learning more about how our natural landscape is formed by studying the impact of rivers. We have followed our very own River Tyne from source to mouth and observed how it grows as tributaries feed into it on it's journey to the sea. We can identify different features of rivers such as, ox-bow lakes, meanders, confluences, deltas the source and the mouth and we understand the impact of erosion.

WB: 04.05.21

We learned the Beatles song "Blackbird" and the British Sign Language in honour of our nesting pair outside our classroom door!

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Circle of Fitness

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This week we have seen most scores improve in Year 5. We have worked hard and many of us scored at least one more lap than we did last week..

Our New Class Pets

We have discovered we have several pairs of nesting blackbirds right outside our classroom. We think they are currently building their nest because of what we have observed them bringing in their beaks. We can identify the male and female. We are going to keep an eye out for when we see less of the female as this would indicate that she is incubating the eggs. We will keep you updated.

In English today we worked as a team to try and bring our adverts to life, all the time thinking about how we could include as many persuasive features as we could in 30 second. Performance time next week! Watch this space!

We had a special visitor this week. Pablo the tortoise came to see us in our classroom. We learned all about him and looked for things like his scales and beak (yes beak!). Thank you for bring him to see us Libby!

In Geography this week, we combined our English skills of persuasion with our knowledge and understanding of the Lake District National Park to debate the pros and cons of a company building a zip line. We held a very productive debate. Indeed, many of us changed our minds because of the powers of persuasion used by our class mates. It was fun and it really made us think.


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Forest School was the highlight of our week! The weather was on our side and we had so much fun! We played "Predator and Prey" (a version of Hide and Seek), we built bridges in relation to our learning in DT in school and tested them and enjoyed being in and around nature. The bluebells were out in force -we're so lucky to have this wonderful area on our doorstep and can't wait until the next time!

WB; 26.04.21


Wednesday 5th May is Year 5 Forest School, so arrive at school dressed appropriately for the weather as it is likely to go ahead regardless.

Circle of Fitness

We came third this week in the Circle of Fitness. We have promised ourselves we're going to work really hard to improve our position next week, although 3rd is great for our first time.


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This week we have been using evidence from the text to design our own theme park based on Infinity Park from Cosmic. We will use this next week to write play scripts for a TV advertisement and will use the green screen to film it. We can't wait.


In Science this week we have been using a Science model to help us accurately explain what happens to The Earth when night turns to day and day back into night again. Get us to use our Scientific vocabulary to explain it to you at home.

We are loving our work on glacial landforms!! Who'd have thought that ice could be so creative and yet destructive? Watch the slideshow before and test us on how many features of Glaciation we can identify. When we're out and about in the countryside see if we can spot any glacial features and explain how they occurred.

COSMIC! We started our new class text in line with our Science unit of Earth and Space. This week in English we have been using the text to get clues about the main Character Liam Digby. This is the role on the wall activity which allowed us to think about outward and inward characteristics. We did and amazing job! We're loving this book and can't wait to see what happens next.

Forest School Time Changes

Please note; dates for Forest School have slightly changed. The correct times are as follows;

  • Wednesday 5th May
  • Wednesday 26th May
  • Wednesday 9th June