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Summer 1

We've worked hard over the last six weeks and deserve a rest! Have a happy and restful week off Y4! I'll see you on Tuesday 8th June!

Week 6

We had a lovely walk on Thursday to 'The boathouse' at Newburn. We observed the river Tyne and discussed the current water level. The children were amazed to see the height of the flood stones on the pub, especially the stone for the flood of 1771. We discussed the events of that night and the collapse of the Tyne bridge!

We then used fine line pens to draw the river at Newburn. We had to look carefully at the landscape before setting our pens to paper. On Friday, we are going to use watercolours to paint our drawings.  

Week 5

In our last Forest School session we were challenged by Miss Cowling to make three types of den: a centre support den, a lean on den and a teepee. Each group had to work together to choose a suitable site to build on, gather their materials and then build their den. Each team were superb - they worked together to communicate their ideas and were resilient when their task became difficult. It wasn't easy carrying some of the materials needed! Miss Cowling and Mrs McGettrick were really proud of our efforts! Well done team!

Week 4

On Tuesday morning we had our second Forest School session. As part of our science unit on sound, we made whistles. We had to find a suitable stick that we could use - it had to be dry, straight and about 10cm long, but not too thick or too thin! Then we had to use the wooden mallet and the pocket knife to split the stick in half. Next, we placed a large, dry leaf between the sticks. We had to pinch both ends tightly when blowing to create a sound.We also went on a nature scavenger hunt - we had lots of fun!

Week 3

The week has flown by with being one day shorter! We have been busily learning all about decimals! We can write tenths and hundredths as decimals and represent then in different ways. 

In our computing lesson, we have begin learning about stop-motion animation. We can animate objects using a series of frames. We even began to use PowerPoint to animate an object!

On Friday, we investigated how sounds travel. First, we played a game with our eyes closed and listened to see if we could identify where the sound was coming from. We tried knocking on the table and then quieter taps. The we twanged rulers, watched a tuning fork create ripples in water and used a slinky to show the sound energy travelling. We also made a string telephone. We found out that the tighter the string, the better the sound travelled along it.

Week 2

What a great start to the week - finding positions in the first quadrant. We even managed to find the missing co-ordinate of a shape! Wow Y4! Excellent maths work on Monday morning!

On Wednesday morning we had a great time learning new skills at Forest School with Miss Cowling. We learned how to use a gimlet, which is a tool for making holes in wood. Working together, we showed perseverance and determination when making a wind charm. Mrs McGettrick was very proud of how well we worked together. Well done team!

Week 1

What a lovely week we've had! We've settled straight back in to our learning and I'm really pleased with everyone's attitude! We're enjoying our new English text, The Wild Robot, whilst continuing to read book 3 of The Spiderwick Chronicles: Lucinda's Secret. In maths, we have understood tenths as decimals really well so far! 

On Tuesday, we took part in a live computing lesson with Barclays Bank. We learned how to change a sprite in Scratch and used coding to draw a line. Some of us were able to program the sprite to draw a square!

On Friday, we surveyed our garden habitats and created bar charts to show our results. The sun was shining on us too so it made for a lovely end to the week!