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Summer 1

Week 2- 26th April-30th April


This week in English we created a story map for After the storm by Nick Butterworth. We then wrote the story in our words. We have also looked at a picture of the big oak tree house at the end of the story and wrote a description. We aimed to use expanded noun phrases in our writing. We have had some fantastic writing this week, please see below some writing in the pictures. 


In Maths this week we have been practicing our 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We have also began to divide by sharing.  In Geography this week we looked at Africa and famous landmarks and people. We wrote an African fact file, a lot of us were shocked that there are 54 countries in Africa! In science this week we have compared animals and put them in their groups (reptile, amphibian, fish, bird or mammal). In computing this week we starting our coding unit the children were learning how to move a character by inputting the correct instructions. Using north, east, south, west, pick up and repeat. 


This week we started our circle of fitness. This is a whole school activity where we run 16 laps during the week and then on a Friday as many as we can during 2 minutes. The children have been great this week and we were the WINNERS of the lower school!! We managed as a class to run 145 laps in 2 minutes! FANTASTIC RUNNING!! The children never gave up and have tried their best all 3 runs we have had this week. 

Week 1 - 19th-23rd April 2021 


What a first week we have had! During forest school on Monday we read a poem called the Green man and then made our very own green man using the natural materials in the bushes. We then made popcorn and toasted marshmallows over the fire. 


We have started multiplication and division in Maths. We have been using addition sentence and turning them into multiplication sentences. On Fridays we are having a practical fun Maths lesson based on another unit of Maths this weeks was on lines of symmetry. In class we used mirrors to find the lines of symmetry. We then went out onto the yard and with chalk drew shapes and their lines of symmetry. 


In English we have been reading After the storm by Nick Butterworth. We predicted what we thought the story might be about using the clues on the front cover. We have also written a description of the storm using our senses. 


We looked at Africa and located this on a world map. We discussed how many countries were in Africa and what it was like to live there. In RE we drew and wrote sentences about our special places. In Science we labelled parts of the human body and compared them to the parts of an elephant. In DT we looked at what healthy meals, we drew a healthy balanced meal.