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Summer 1

Summer Half Term


Hello, everyone!


So, we come to the end of the weirdest half term in the history of UK education! I hope you're all keeping well. This week is a holiday week, but I'm posting two things for you to look at. One is for indoors, the other is for outdoors!


First up is the culmination of our Shang Dynasty history project. You'll have been researching and organising notes across the past month, and the time has come to pull them together! I've provided instructions and some examples in the document below.


Second is the National Trust's list of '50 Things To Do Before You're 11 and 3/4'. Fortunately, you don't need to go anywhere special to do most of them - they are just fun, imaginative activities for outdoor play and exploration.


If you have anything to share, be that a dazzling report on the achievements of the Shang Dynasty, or a mad thing made of sticks, just send me an email:


Take care, and stay safe,


See you soon,


Mr G :-)

Week 5


Hello, everyone!


I hope you're all keeping well. I know it's a strange time at the moment, with things slowly beginning to change around the coronavirus policy across the country, but don't worry - we'll keep you informed of anything that will affect your learning. For now, we've got some fresh activities for the week ahead!


I've put them into sections this week, as we're now covering so much it was beginning to look a bit busy!


Let me know if there's anything further that you need.


Take care, and have fun!


Mr G.

First, a Times Tables Rock Stars world record attempt! Go for it!


Week 4


Hello, everyone!


Week 4 resources are available below. The science this week quite practical and involved - if some parts are difficult to achieve with what you have at home, feel free to tweak or adapt as necessary. We're looking at tooth decay in practice! For writing, we're continuing with narrative, as last week's project was quite substantial. From now on, I'll be including the White Rose resources on this page, with a link to the further online content.


Any questions to:


Have fun!


Mr G.

Week 3


Hello, everyone!


I hope you're all keeping well, and enjoying your learning in whatever form it is taking! I know that people are working and recording in different ways, but that is absolutely fine, and may even teach you something about yourself and the ways that you like to work. Some people have been in touch, which is brilliant - I'm always keen to receive interesting work or any questions!


This week, we're starting on a new story for reading, which is accompanied by an ebook and some online videos, so should be a really rich experience. There will be a set of questions on the videos / text each week. You can record this on paper or in discussion, it really doesn't matter, as long as you're getting into the text.


All the resources you need should be included below, as usual. Let me know if you need anything:


Until next time!


Have fun,


Mr G :-)

Week 2


Hello everyone,


I hope you’re all keeping well. The sunshine has certainly been improving the picture! If I spend any more time in the garden, I think I’ll start sprouting roots!


This week’s resources are included below. The information in the documents should be all you need, but – as usual – email me right away if anything is unclear. I am checking emails daily. I am also keeping up with your Mathletics, Rock Stars and, etc, online. Some people got their maths done comfortably ahead of the due date, so well done to you!


As we’re now several weeks away from having had access to school reading books, I’m going to be adding a short reading text each week. This week, it is in the format of one of our guided reading texts, so it should be familiar. There are three levels of challenge to the reading: one star is the most straightforward, up to three stars, which will be a little more complex and extensive.


If you have anything interesting to share, or any projects or pieces of work that you’re proud of, please do send those across too!


Take care, and stay safe,


Mr G.

Week 1


Hello everyone! The resources for our first week are available below. The White Rose Maths is from the Year 4 curriculum; Mathletics is revision of number and place value. Contact me if you have any questions, or if you want to share anything amazing that you've been up to!


Mr G :-)