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Summer 1

Half Term Spellings and Fun Tasks


Hi everyone! Hope you are all well and good and trying to get at least some of your home learning done every day. This will put you in good stead for when we eventually (hopefully) get back soon. This week only involves our spellings and Mathletics/ Timetable Rockstars. I have also included a fun list of things to do - it's the National Trust list of 50 things you should do before you're 11. I know some of you have probably already done many of the things on the list before, but this is about THIS WEEK, and I would like to see evidence on dojo or via email ( For each of the 50 task challenges you do, I will award 2 dojos - that's a potential 100 dojos you can earn in a week.

I am also keeping last week's Art Gallery task open as that is a nice thing to be doing over Half Term. Keep in touch everyone and let me know how you get on. Even if you just want to say hello on Dojo and have a little chat. I love to hear from you. 

Miss you all madly. Good luck with the challenge.

4L's Got Talent!!

This week we are going to have a bit of karaoke fun. This is a song with a message about social distancing (kind of). I would like you to have a go at creating your own performance this week, get whoever you want involved (if they're willing). Use special effects on your phone, get dressed up, see what you can do!

Send your videos to me at and when we get back we will spend some time having fun watching everyone's efforts. Enjoy!

You can't touch this - MC Hammer - Lyrics

Lyrics of MC Hammer's song "You can't touch this". Enjoy!

50 Things Half Term Challenge List - go on, see what you can do!

Summer 1 Week 5 Home Learning

Hello my little tinkers!

Hope you and your families are all staying safe and well but also enjoying the special family time that we rarely get! 

Please find below the home learning for the week beginning Monday 18th May.

I know how much you have enjoyed improving your Art skills, so I thought I would give you a chance to practice and see what you can remember this week with a lesson on Hokusai. Take your own slant on it, use what you have, pens, pencils, paint, send me the pictures either to my email ( or through Dojo and we will create a Hokusai Gallery by Sunday next week on our webpage.

As always, it's the learning that is important, to record your work in whatever way you can, you don't need to print of the sheets if you don't want to or can't. 

Thank you to all of you who are continuing to brighten my day with your photos, messages and updates - the Dojos have been going wild this week - what can I reward you with when we finally return to school? Suggestions welcome!

Don't forget, I am here to help every day and I am more than happy to do so.

Miss you all loads! Stay in touch.


Mrs Lynch xxx

Ever fancied breaking a world record......?

Art - Hokusai - use your Art skills to create either a painting or sketch of a Hokusai image and answer the questions about your chosen picture.

Week 5 Summer 1 Topic - Artefacts. As always, use the materials to research Shang Dynasty artefacts and come up with your own way of presenting it. Powerpoint/vlog/video/poem/poster. Whatever you like. Enjoy!

Look how close we are to 3000 Dojos! Come on 4L - see how quickly we can get there!

Murphy having a lazy lockdown moment!

Sophie sent me this wonderful poem! Well done lady!

Home Learning Summer 1 Week 4
Hello my lovelies!!! Hope you're all staying safe and smiling! Here is this week's home learning. Again, I understand not everyone has access to printers etc, so I don't even mind if this is written on the back of a cardboard box, the main this is, that you're keeping your learning ticking over. Please don't forget to access Mathletics and Timestable Rockstars. I am so proud of you all for keeping up with your learning. Tthanks again, for your lovely messages and photos, it really brightens my day! Hopefully seen you all soon! Love Mrs L xx 
Week 4 Summer 1 Maths
White Rose worksheets are no longer free. Don't worry - we have a subscription! From now on, the link to the video will be provided and the worksheets uploaded here. 
Summer 1 Home Learning Week 3
Week 3 Maths Summer term learning.
Week 2 - Summer Term learning

Work for Summer 1 Week 2


I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. I hope you're managing to keep on top of your learning, it's important we keep things ticking over. I am, as always available to help with any concerns or problems regarding your learning.

Feel free to record Topic this week  in whatever way you wish. You can email me powerpoints, slideshows, and anything created on the word processor, you can even make a video and email it to me. Write a song or a poem! It's up to you. 

Topic for this week, Living in the Shang Dynasty - present it how you like. I would love you to get creative with this - make a scrap book, powerpoint, poem even a song. Just show me what you've learned about Life in the Shang Dynasty. Get adults involved - even do a Tiktok style presentation! The below information is just for you do use as you need to.

Week one - Summer term learning.
Hello everyone! I hope you're all in great health and staying safe! The Easter bunny still found me and Imogen (and Mr Lynch) and we managed to have a lovely Easter Sunday despite restrictions. Weekly, I shall be posting work I would like you to go through. You mustn't worry, we will all work together to make sure that you are exactly where you are meant to be. Just keep up the good work. Thank you to all of you who are sending me regular updates and photos of your antics - it really makes my day.  Mmiss you all millions - love from Mrs L xxx
Maths - teaching videos, activities, support materials and instructions for this week. 
PE daily work outs.

Computing - Year 4 - Summer week 1

handwriting week 1 summer 1

Word Search Week 1 Summer 1

Shang Dynasty - A place in time...