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Summer 1

Week 5 - 18th May

Hello all, how is everyone getting on at home this week? The children have now completed our Year 1 Spellings, so I will be providing the children with some tricky word spellings, but feel free to repeat some of the previously given spellings that the children may have found tricky. Any questions just drop me an email on 

Stay safe, 

Miss A x 


I have attached the White Rose Maths worksheets with video lessons available at: I have also attached some extra work on the topic of measuring.  













Here is a little look at some of the children's work this week... 

Week 4 - 11th May

Hello everyone, how did you all get on at home this week? Hope you are all well and have enjoyed the nice weather - of course the VE Day anniversary too, as best you could. 

I have uploaded this weeks activities, please continue with what is working for you, if you are using apps or textbooks then pick and choose some activities... we don't expect you to cover everything. Thank you to all of you who have been emailing me with your child's progress... it really is lovely to see and hear. Any questions, just send me an email. 

Thank you, 

Miss Anderson x  

BBC Live Lessons Link

BBC Bitesize has some 20 clips that are quick and active, at:   



I have attached the worksheets for the White Rose Maths Lessons and the link for the website for all of the tutorials. 


There is also a nice new Maths game the children may enjoy on Primary Stars:  


I have now uploaded all of Summer Terms spellings, please use this week to catch up with any missed weeks or challenge the children on spellings they may have found difficult. Below I have included the overview of 6 weeks worth of spellings. 


In English this week, the focus will be on Poems. Please challenge your child to say what a poem is? Watch some of the tutorials about poems on:  

I have also uploaded some activities around some given poems, please don't worry if you can not print out the activity sheets, completing the tasks on plain paper is fine. Why not try performing a short poem or a small section of a poem?... Michael Rosen gives some tips for this at:   

Some links to poems being performed... 


This is a lovely poem about the times we are living in right now, if anybody wishes to send in a video or a photograph of your child learning at home, (via email) I could try to recreate this with our class. Watch the one created by Cbeebies at: 

Thank you, 

Miss A x 

Primary Stars Challenge

Below I have attached a worksheet and instructions for a challenge set by Primary Stars, more information is available at:,14NQB,59P72Z,3Z9MT,1  










Week 3 - 4th May - Summer 1

Hello, I have attached activities for week 3, below. I have enjoyed receiving some pictures of the children's work and I have uploaded these below too. Hope everyone is well. 

Miss Anderson  

BBC Bitesize Live Lessons

This video looks at some English, and links in with Science and last weeks human body work.  



Follow this link for the live lessons and worksheets are attached below.  


Watch and discuss what happens in the story 'Under the Same Sky' read by Tom Hardy: 

This story may promote discussion around missing family and friends and what we can do at this time to stay in touch with each other. 


You could challenge your child to write a letter to their friend, telling them what they have been doing at home, or your child could write their friend or family member a postcard. Why not challenge your child to make something for a friend, a craft, a drawing or even a video.  



Phonics lessons are available at: 

Please can your child learn Set 3 Phonic sounds which are released daily at 10.30am on 

Below, I have attached the schedule for which sounds are going to be taught each day. 


Links to Phonics games: 



This weeks spellings are: 



Continuing with learning about the human body. This week can you challenge your child to think about our 'Senses'. Do the children know what they are and how many we have? Why not try a game.... put some items into box and cover it over so your child can't see what the item is... can they use the touch sense to guess what the object is? You could also play a 'Heads up' type game, write something from in the room on a piece of paper and stick it on their head, challenge the children to ask questions about what senses they could use to guess the object, for example... 

"Can I smell it?"    No 

"Can I hear it?      No 

"Can I feel it?      Yes  

Is it....   

Watch some videos about the senses and the human body.  


Below I have attached some worksheets related to our 'Senses'.  


This Friday marks the 75th anniversary of VE day, when victory in Europe was declared during World War 2. At school we would have celebrated and discussed the importance of this historical day. Why not create some bunting and decorate the house, do some wartime cooking or have a safe picnic in the garden or at your front door... if the rain stays away. Below I have attached some activities related to celebrating VE day.  

Stay safe everyone and enjoy your week. 

Miss A x 





Week 3 - 4th May - Summer Term 1 

Lovely to see some of the work the children completed last week... 

Summer Term 1 - Week 2 - 27th April 2020

Hi everyone, how did last week go? I have included this weeks activities below, if you have trouble accessing the internet please continue to work from their workbooks. This week, I have included some activities that do not require internet access and all activities can be completed on plain paper (If you have a problem accessing the internet/device/computer or you are in need of some text books please email me and I will try my best to support you with this). When being educated at school the children would engage in several hours of learning a week. We know that this will be difficult to replicate at home so please just do the best you can. We do not expect all the tasks to be completed. Please help your child to choose the ones that interest them, and which ones they want to complete. 


If you have been watching the daily BBC Bitesize lessons, you will know they are very active and fun, if not... this is a great one to start with.  




Please watch the story 'Man on the Moon' being read aloud at:  and challenge the children to discuss what happens in the story. 


Writing Challenge 1: 

"Imagine that you are going to travel to the moon yourself, can you write some sentences about travelling there?" 

Think about these questions: 

How would you get to the moon? 

Would anyone go to the moon with you? 

What is it like on the moon? 

What would you do on the moon?  


Remember to use: 

-Your Phonic knowledge to write words. 

- Use finger spaces. 

- Use capital letters at the beginning of sentences and for names. 

- Use full stops.  


Writing Challenge 2: 

"Can you write a list of 10 things you would take to the moon with you?" 

Please use your Phonics to write each word and discuss why you would want or need that item with you on your adventure. A worksheet for this can be accessed below.  



Please continue to access the daily Phonic lessons available at:



This weeks spellings are: 


This week the WhiteRose Daily Maths lessons introduce finding halves and quarters. I have uploaded the worksheets below and the lessons can be accessed at: 

There is also a Maths game that can be accessed at: 

Karate Maths Game:  



In Summer Term we would have been starting the topic 'Humans and Animals' in our Science lessons. This weeks Science activity is to be able to name and locate parts of your body. Please watch this video and have a try at the quiz ... 


As a further challenge I have also included a worksheet called 'What's inside my body?' aimed at naming and locating some organs. I know you may not be able to print this sheet, but be as create as you wish, you could ask your child to locate and label them on a real human, chalk around your child outside and then challenge them to label the location of their organs, draw a picture or create a model of the human body using household items for the organs. I would love to see any pictures of this activity being completed. 

I know lots of children are enjoying completing Timetables Rockstars, Lexia and their workbooks so please continue with these if your child is enjoying them. Any questions I will try my best to support you via email. Thanks to everyone keeping me updated, it's lovely to hear from you and it keeps me going! 

Miss Anderson x 


The children can access and progress with their coding work that we completed in our Computing lessons. Click on the link and the children should know what icon they usually use to access their work, but if they have forgotten, just email me and I can send you their icon password. 


My email address again is  




I was planning on setting an outdoor art challenge, but with the weather changing, we'll keep that for another week. Can you challenge your children to draw or paint their favourite character from a story they have read and discuss the features they have included?  





Summer Term 1 - Week 1 - 20th April

Hello everyone, how are you all doing at home? I hope everyone is well. I will be uploading activities weekly to this page. Please just pick and choose activities but do not worry if the children do not complete them all. I have really enjoyed hearing from you by email, telling me how you're getting on at home and what the children have been getting up to, so if you have any questions or just for a catch up my email is: 

Stay Safe! 

Miss A x   



Below is the link to the White Rose Maths home learning scheme. This week the focus will be on multiplication and division. There are lessons available and an activity sheet (which I have uploaded below) on the topics of doubling, sharing and finding a half. 





Oxford Owl have access to ebooks that we would use in school, it requires you to sign up for free use of lots of reading books, they are organised by colour book band (If you need help with which colour level your child should be reading, please email me). The link to follow is... 



Watch and enjoy listening to this story:


Can your child write some sentences about why they liked/ disliked this story? Then challenge them to write a sentence to answer each of these questions: 

Who was Martha's owner? 

How do you think Mr Scruff felt when he met Jim? 

What did Jim's mum suggest would be better? 

Can you think of some of your own rhyming names for a dog and its owner? eg Abbie and Gabby or Dan and Jan. 


Phonics - 

Please can your child learn Set 3 Phonic sounds which are released daily at 10.30am on 

Below, I have attached the schedule for which sounds are going to be taught each day.   



This weeks spellings are: 



Last term we began to learn about the UK and what 4 countries make up the UK. Can the children say which country they live in? What city do they live in and what is the capital city of the UK?  

There are some videos and further activities linked to this available at: