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Summer 1

Summer 1 Week 5:


We have been learning all about Super Powers following the childrens current interest of PJ Masks.  The children have been developing their self help skills through costume dressing up, we have learnt to write super power words such as bang, zap, boom.  We have drawn and named a super hero, we have counted and completed addition sums for maths using our favourite super heroes Cat boy and Owlet.  We had imaginative role play inside and outside and this has truly been the childrens favourite topic so far this year.


Summer 1 Week 4:


We have continued with our theme of Dinosaurs this week.  The children completed science experiments to see what happens when a volcano erupts.  The children learnt lots of new language such as foam, froth, hot, lava, bubble, explosion.  We have continued to further develop our phonics listening and reading skills, hearing initial letter sounds in words and learning to sound out and write cvc words.

Summer 1 week 3:


This week started off with our new Dinosaur topic.  We have been learning facts about ferns, T-Rex, Triceratops and dinosaur fossils through Andy's Dinosaur Adventures.  We made dinosaur masks, got dressed up in our new Dinosaur den and practiced our cutting.  In Literacy we have been developing our name writing and we have also been learning how to hear initial sounds in words.  For Maths we discovered the class favourite dinosaur through tally charts, we have been developing addition skills and number formation.


Hold onto your hats for next week where we will be printing and painting our own dinosaur fossils, making dinosaur biscuits, labeling a T-Rex and for some writing our very first sentence.

Summer 1 week 2:


The children finished off their farm topic learning about animals and their young, learning how to read and write cvc words such as pig, cat, dog, cow, hen.  The children had to draw and write the word for their favourite.  We made tally charts in class and we watched down on the farm to learn facts about sheep dogs and cows. we then further developed our understanding of vegetables through chopping and cooking vegetable soup.

Next week we start a new topic Dinosaurs.



Summer 1 week 1:

Welcome back after the Easter break.  We have started our new topic learning all about being Down on the Farm and the children have already been learning how to read and write cvc words, developing our initial sound phonics, reading sorting farm objects according to round or square.  We have made farm animal repeating patterns developed our understanding of where different animals live and what their young is called.

One child brought in some animals from home and we had a detailed discussion about if they were bulls, cows or buffalos.  We ended up researching this on the computer screen and sharing our findings with the class.


Please see some of this weeks learning.