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Spring 2

Friday 5th April

We've had a shape-tastic week in Year 6, with a focus on geometry. We've discussed 2D and 3D shapes, coordinates and angles. The children have developed their understanding brilliantly, and have been speaking confidently about all aspects of KS2 shape and geometry, from parallelograms to translation to obtuse angles.


Now, happy Easter, everyone! 😁

Friday 8th March

Today, Year 6 have looked at the Anglo-Saxon's shift from pagan religion in the North East to Christianity. As part of this, we have been looking carefully at the structure of Anglo-Saxon churches. Making some of our own really helped us to visualise their simplicity, compared with later Gothic churches.

Friday 1st March

We've had a superb week, making excellent progress with algebra in our maths lessons (ask us about how to express function machine processes as algebraic formulae!) and displaying some outstanding knowledge in grammar. We've also been continuing to enjoy 'Wonder', seeing August's start at Beecher Prep from different characters' points of view.

Today, we headed into the school grounds in the name of science: creating a Waverley Field Guide of all the plants and animals in our vicinity. It has brought our 'living things' topic together brilliantly!