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Spring 2

Week 6

PLAYGROUND LEADERS. We have been learning lots of new playground games and training up lots of new playground leaders so that nobody needs to feel bored and lonely on the yard. We understand that not everyone wants to play football or run around, so we came up with this solution. Watch out for us every break time!

Week 5

FRIENDSHIP FLOWERS! We have been thinking about the Easter Story and how Jesus and his disciples demonstrated their friendship and trust in one another. We thought about this in terms of our own friendships and wrote lovely things about our friends on a friendship flower to display in our class friendship garden.

Week 4

We role played scenes from "How To Train Your Dragon.", we will use this to give us ideas about what to write in our plans for our own stories. We thought about settings, dialogue and character traits.

Week 2

You have come up trumps with your amazing musical instrument projects. We could start an orchestra. A mixture of tuned and percussion instruments, you have clearly worked so hard. Well done one and all and that you families and friends for helping us out.

WOW! We were so excited this week to be taking part in a live Skype interview with author of "How To Train Your Dragon" Cressida Cowell. Children and classes from all over the world were taking part with us. We saw classes in Kenya, USA, France, Canada, Wales, the UK, Africa, India. We asked her questions in a live chat, learned how to draw Hiccup and Toothless the dragon and even got to take a class selfie with her!!!

Week 1

Playing Dragon Top Trumps in English! This helps us get ideas and talk about features of dragons for our own writing. It was fun and we harvested so many ideas.

There are all sorts of ways we can learn. Some of us learn by seeing and doing things. He we are using place value counters to do column multiplication. Our teacher was really proud of us!

We have been making seals out of clay just like the Indus Valley civilization did. We imprinted animals and made script markings, some of them look really authentic!