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Spring 2

Week 6 - 1.4.19

   What a fabulous way to end the term with a visit from staff and students from Gateshead college to get everyone programming robots. The children were tasked to get their robot to move to a set point and then also incorporate spinning and changing direction. All of this was achieved on a laptop before uploading their program to the robot. Great fun was had finding out if the objectives had been achieved and returning to the laptops to refine the programs.


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Well done to all the fabulous Egyptian homework too. Have a very Happy Easter break.

Week 5 25.3.19

What a fabulous time Year 3 had at The Oriental Museum which is part of Durham University. They spent a whole day enriching their learning about life in ancient Egypt. A real highlight of the day was handling artefacts that were thousands of years old; jewellery, heart scarabs, canopic jar lid amongst many others. What a real privilege that was. In the gallery they learnt a lot about daily life and all the different Gods. They saw a real life mummy who even had an artificial arm that had been mummified too. Finally they acted out the process of mummification including weighing the heart and sadly being rejected from the afterlife. What a fantastic day. Take a look at the slide show of photos from our day out.

Class 3M Buzzing Bingo activities

Week 4 - 18.4.19


This week we have been discussing different ways of using subordinate clauses in sentences. We discovered that a subordinate clause can be located at the beginning, middle or end of a sentence. We also completed an investigation in science. We looked at different muscles we use when completing different exercises. We then created bar charts showing our results. 

Week 3 11.3.19

   Another busy week. We have been continuing our work on the Ancient Egyptians by looking at the life of a famous pharaoh Tutankhamun. We will be learning more next week about the people who discovered his tomb. Watch this space. At the end of the week we have been learning all about Shakespeare - his life and his work. We focussed on one of his plays 'The Tempest' which is a comedy. As well as doing some written work and drama based around 'The Tempest', we also watched a version of the play on Cbeebies which was both funny and enjoyable too.

   Happy Red Nose day too - we had lots of fun telling jokes and doing comedy sketches today.

Week 2 - 4.3.19

This week we have been looking at the mummification process. Jayden was our Pharaoh who was turned into a mummy. We followed a set of instructions to turn him into a mummy. We then created our own set of instructions for mummification. 

We have also been acting out the moment when Hogarth tells his family that he has seen a giant figure on top of the cliff. We created freeze frames and annotated our groups work. We discussed the thoughts and feelings of the characters. 
For world book day we celebrated by designing a book cover for 'The Iron Man' followed by creating a blurb to make someone want to read the book. We summarised the story with the main characters and used quotes to promote the book. On the 8th March we celebrated international woman's day by looking at pioneering women across the world. We created a fact file of wonderful women to celebrate all the successes that women have achieved. 
In Mrs McGovern's class we have continued reading and working on The Lost Happy Endings. The next stage is to write the next part of the story bringing together all the work we have been doing on adjectives, adverbs, similes and personification to add more detail and interest to our writing. Great reasoning this week in Maths interpreting data in Statistics - Maths Superstars each and everyone - well done. We also drew Tutankhamun's mask in art keeping a close eye on the detail. Next week we will add colour using water colours.

Week 1 - 25.2.19

Hope everyone has had a fantastic half term holiday. We have started the week off by writing diary entries of our holidays preparing ourselves to write a diary as The Iron Man and Cleopatra. In science we thought we would make the most of the sunshine and take our lesson outside. We have been learning about the bones in our body and how skeletons are different in various animals. Look at our amazing skeletons that we have drawn using our own bodies. 

We have started learning all about coding in computing. We learnt lots of technical vocabulary including coding, algorithm, bug and debugging. For the first lesson we went to the gym and walked through sets of algorithms in groups of 4. Next week we will be putting all that we have learnt together by having a go at coding in the computing suite.