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Spring 2

WB: 04.04.22

After a hard term preparing for SATs, we had a well-earned treat awaiting us. We worked in the Science hub making chocolate Easter nests to put in origami baskets. Not sure that ALL the chocolate went exactly where is should have....

Pick one? You must be yolking!

We kicked off the week feeling seasonal with our decorated egg competition and Easter raffle. The whole school did us proud with lots and lots of imaginative entries - I'm glad I wasn't judging!

WB: 28.03.22

Let It Snow...

After a long, hard week doing assessments, Mother Nature gifted us with a surprise blizzard. Who could resist letting our hair down and having ten minutes dancing in the snow. Making memories in primary school!

We've Got The Capacity.

Mrs Irving's group appeared to be taking part in a lesson at Hogwart's, however, they were learning Maths all the time. They learned how to measure capacity and convert millilitres to litres and vice versa. We have so much fun we don't even realise we're learning!

WB: 21.03.22

When Life Gives You Lemons.......

.......make a power cell!!!! Believe it or not, this week, we managed to light an LED and measure the voltage of power created by a lemon! It actually works! Don't believe us? Just look at the evidence.

Forest School Fun!!

We had the BEST time ever at Forest School! We built our own luxury dens complete with hammocks and swings, fire pit, seating area, flowers. We love our Dene and the nature on our doorstep and we like to look after it - so we even had a mini clean up and took litter back to put in the bin at school. Have a look at our videos too for a giggle.


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WB: 14.03.22


In Art this week we looked at the work of Paul Klee and applied our colour mixing skills to beginning our own designs. Music we listened too was largely of an Irish theme as it was St Patrick's Day but we also enjoyed chilling to some classic country music with Dolly Parton. 


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Our fitness levels are much improved since starting Circle of Fitness!! Check us out now. Can you see the difference?

Look at us run!

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STEM: Science Was a "Hive" of Activity

We learned how to read scales from our new Data Hives. We were able to check temperatures of different locations, amounts of light in different locations and voltage of different batteries.

Giving Our Photos A Glow-up.

We used Pixlr - X to edit our photos. Haven't we done an amazing job? Think of all the fun we can have with this. Don't forget, the link to the free web page is on last week's web page in case you want to do more at home.

WB 7.3.22

A Day With An Explorer


Polar Explorer Al Sylvester, joined us in Year 6 this week. Al started by telling us about how he became an explorer with an interest that began way back in his childhood when he was in Cubs and Scouts. We were utterly spellbound, listening to the whole things from start to finish, together with funny anecdotes about things that happened on the way, the selection of the team, the drama of near death experiences and surprises - even a proposal! 

Al was more than happy to answer even the most surprising of questions! 

He discussed his admiration of Ernest Shackleton and his excitement of the discovery of the wreck of the Endurance that hit the news this week on the 100th anniversary of Shackleton's funeral no less!

The visit is going to inspire our writing and Topic lessons next week as we plan Al's next expedition and write letters of application to join his crew to climb Mount Everest.

Thank you Al! You were a true inspiration!

Polar Explorer and expedition leader, Al Sylvester visited us and had us spellbound with tales of his adventures for the full day!

WB: 28.02.22


We have had such fun coming up with original ideas for our World Book Day. As we missed the last two - due to lockdowns - and this will likely be our last, we decided to really let ourselves go with it. We have had so many great ideas: Gangsta Grannie, Mrs Twit, Albert from War Horse, Billionaire Boy, Anne Frank, Juliet, The Boy In the Dress, Oliver Twist to name a few......