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Spring 2

Thursday 7th April


We've had another tremendous trip in Year 5 today - this week, it was to the Centre For Life in Newcastle! Our science and history topics, as well as our class novel, have all been linked by a space theme this half-term, so a visit to the CFL was the ideal way to finish for Easter - their space science workshops and installations are amazing!


We've done everything from touching a genuine piece of Moon rock to trying out a replica International Space Station toilet! The planetarium blew a few minds, too, and the 'survival in space' workshop in the afternoon was truly brilliant.


The children have been fantastic. They've soaked up so much and they've had a blast. Have a look through the gallery below. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the experience 😊👍

Friday 1st April


Well, this week's gallery more or less speaks for itself! Year 5 took part in the OWL athletics tournament at Newburn Leisure Centre today, and they were absolutely FANTASTIC. All of the staff who came on the trip were blown away by their determination, effort and sportsmanship. Such a cracking day. Well done, all!

Thursday 24th March


Some top science in Y5 this week, as the class investigated the variables behind asteroid formation. They chose to test object size in relation to crater size using blu-tack and sand, and some interesting results emerged! Well done to all the science monitors who prepared and recorded everything with great accuracy.

Thursday 17th March


Year 5 have been slam-dunking their English this week, as we prepare to write explanation texts on how the 'Curiosity' rover made it safely to Mars. Here, the children are identifying the features of the form of writing; the list they came up with was incredible!

Friday 11th March


What an outstanding DT lesson we had today! Year 5 constructed some high-quality paper tubes from standard A3, and proved that by distributing weight across the tubes they were able to support the weight of fellow pupils! Incredible. Excellent work from everyone, showing just how effective modifying the structure of a material can be.

Wednesday 9th March


It's been another week of active science in Year 5, as the children have been outside exploring the changes in their shadows across the day. What do these changes tell us about the movements of the Earth and Sun? Some excellent observations, and a lot of learning back in the classroom!

Friday 4th March


What a cracking first week back we have had! Year 5 have been at their best, travelling the Solar System in science, performing scripts in English, designing apps in computing, calculating fractions and mixed numbers in maths, and researching Aristotelian astronomy in history. We have also had World Book Day, of course, which inspired some wonderful costumes and a great book quiz, and in today's DT we had a go at solving an ancient problem: how to bridge a gap...