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Spring 2

Design Technology

Year 3 have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians this term. They found out that the Ancient Egyptians used a tool called a Shaduf to collect water from the River Nile to water the crops. Last week they designed a model Shaduf and today they made their models. They will be testing them later in the week. 

Easter Egg Competition

Thank you to all the children who entered the egg competition. The entries were all amazing. Well done everyone. Take a look at the winning entries for year 3 and all the other fantastic entries below.

1st, 2nd & 3rd place entries

Week 5

Forest School 

This week at forest school year 3 took their sketch books outside to draw what they found growing in our school grounds. They also gathered natural materials to create artwork. Have a look at their creations below. 

Week 4

Year 3 have created double page spreads to share their knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians. 

Celebrating red nose day

Week 3

This week year 3 have been learning about the River Nile. They have followed the journey of the Nile from source to mouth. Making a model and labelling key features. They have also looked at the effects building the Aswan Dam has had on Egypt. 


This week in computing year 3 have been creating storyboards. Today the added backgrounds and characters and began to add speech bubbles to their storyboards. 

Week 2

This week in math year 3 have been doing length and perimeter. One of their tasks was to measure and calculate the perimeter of the school playground.


The day the crayons quit.

This week in English year 3 are reading the day the crayons came home by Drew Daywalt. In English they had to understand the points of view of the characters and find evidence in the text that showed how the characters were feeling. They had to design and make a new home for the crayons. 

World book day costumes


This term year 3 are studying plants in science. Today they identified the different parts of a plant and found out the function of each part. They also planted herbs (basil and mint) and peas which they will grow on the windowsill. We are hoping to cook with our produce later in the year!

Forest school

Today at forest school, year 3 really enjoyed collecting different natural materials to make wind chimes. Some children opted to take their wind chimes home to hang in their own gardens and others hung them in our school orchard. We also used twig dials to identify different types of trees in the local area. They found willow, hawthorn, silver birches, holly, hazel and sycamore trees among others.