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Spring 2

Week 6

This week we have had lots of fun. On Monday we had our painted egg competition and our Easter assembly. On Tuesday we made stick people at forest school, made cars and motorbikes and homes for them to live in. We had lots of fun. 
In music this week we used garage band on the iPads to make a theme tune for Traction Man. 

I hope you all have a lovely Easter. 
See you in two weeks 




Week 5 - 28th-1st April


This week in English we have been reading Traction Man is here by Mini Grey. We have spent time looking at and describing Traction Man. Towards the end of the week we have completed a story map and wrote our own versions of Traction Man. In Maths this week we have been using the multiplication symbol and writing number sentences by looking at different arrays. 
In Science we have been drawing and creating bar charts to measure how our tall our sunflowers have grown. 

Week 4 - 21st-25th March


This week has been assessment week. We completed 6 practice SATS papers over the week. The children all did amazing and worked really hard. This is something that the children had never done before and we were all really proud of how they handled them. Some even asked to do more! They sat a spelling test, a grammar and punctuation paper, 2 maths paper and 2 reading papers. 

In geography this week we have been looking at map reading we learnt how to read a compass on a map and describe where animals lived in the Kenyan map that we had. In science this week we looked at our plants and how much they had grown, we discussed why some might not be growing at the same rate as others. Then completed a life cycle of a sunflower. 

Week 3 - 14th-18th March 


In English this week we have been reading The Hodgeheg by Dick King Smith. We have wrote questions to the main character, ensuring that we use a question mark. We then rewrote Max’s first crossing, finally we ended with editing a piece of work to improve it. 
In Maths this week we have completed our shape unit and started our multiplication unit. We begun with using multilink to make equal groups. We then discussed how to make arrays to help us multiply. 
In Geography we have begun to look at compass directions and the different animals in Africa and where they like to live. 

Week 2 - 7th -11th March 


We had lots of fun at forest school this week. We learnt all about our 5 senses. First we planted our very own sunflowers. We discussed what it takes to make a sunflower grow. Next we made saltdough. We used our touch to find things at forest school that would be good to make a hedgehog. We found sticks and little pebbles. We discussed where a hedgehog would live and found a suitable place to put our hedgehog. Next we used our sense of smell, we made perfumes using natural things that were found in forest school.  We created names for our perfumes. Then we used our listening skills to sit quietly for 2 minutes and listening to the natural environment we drew a picture of how it ,add us feel, natural and unnatural environment and any animals that we could hear. Finally we had a biscuit and discussed how that tasted, we discussed our last forest school session and deceived the bread that we made.


To go along with our sunflowers we have planted 4 additional sunflowers so that we can observe a fair test. One pot does not have sunlight, one does not have soil, one does not have water and one is being kept in an ice bath to see if they will grow. 

Week 1


It’s world book day! We have had a great first week back. For world book day year 4 came to read to us. They shared some of our favourite stories and brought some of their favourite stories. We drew a picture of who we dressed up as and designed a book cover. You can tell from our faces we have had a lovely day.