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Spring 2

5th April - Week 6 - Spring 2


The children had so much fun at the Easter raffle and egg competition. Some fantastic entries and the children were so proud of their designs.

Friday 1st April - Week 5 - Spring 2


This week in Year 1, we have had lots of practical learning fun! We have been learning how to measure length in Maths, observing our beans plants and checking how much they have grown. In Geography, the children have been learning the 4 points of a compass... north, south, east and west and using this knowledge to locate countries on a map. The children have explored an atlas, looked at a globe and a world map, while also enjoying visiting Edinburgh castle on Google Earth. Some children even challenged themselves to learn an extra 4 points on a compass, using the language north east, south east, south west and north west. One more week left before the holidays... with a bit of extra Easter fun thrown in there. 

Friday 25th March - Spring Term 2 - Week 4


We were so pleased that the sun came out this week. We managed to do lots of outdoor learning to make the most of it. We have started a measuring unit in Maths and the children enjoyed measuring each others feet with cubes on Tuesday. Then the children learnt how to measure in cm's with a ruler. 


In Geography this week the children were creating their own sketch maps of the local area. Using knowledge from their observational walk. The children learnt how to read and draw a key on a map. 


In Science this week the children planted their own broad bean and were able to experience new vocabulary. They can all say what is needed for their bean to grow and they keep checking up on me to see if I have watered them. 


Well done Year 1... a great week!  



Friday 18th March

This week in Year 1 we have been learning how to subtract from numbers to 10/20 and some children even challenged themselves to subtract numbers from 100, using a 100 square to help. The children were also comparing number sentences and today I challenged the children to sort them so that they were equal. The children enjoyed the practical challenge.  


In English the children have loved our class story Whatever Next, where the main character goes to space and meets a friend on the way. The children have written a recount and a letter to their new friend. 


In Art this week the children worked with Miss Morris to create a colour gradient. They mixed two primary colours to make their very own scarf and challenged themselves to say what secondary colour their colour mixing would make. 


In Science, we were learning how to plant a bean and the children read and ordered the instructions of how they will plant their bean. Next week the children will be planting their own bean plant so that they can observe how it grows over the Spring season. 





Friday 11th March


This week we had the wonderful opportunity to go out into our local area. We walked around and observed our local area, looking at shops, the river, the church and the local houses. The children loved this and lots of geographical language was learnt. We then came back to school and created a map using their observational skills, adding symbols to a key. 


In Maths, the children have been practising subtraction from 10/20/100. 

A great week Year 1.. well done. 



Friday 4th March - Spring 2 - Week 1


Welcome back to the second half of the spring term. The children have settled back into school well this week. We have begun our new plants topic in science, we will be growing things over this term and learning all about how things grow in Spring. In geography we have started learning all about our local area, using geographical language, maps and compass directions to describe it. 

In Maths we have been learning number bonds to 20... it would be great if the children could practise these at home so that they know them off by heart. 

We ended the week with World Book Day! We read Norman the Slug with a Silly Shell and they made their very own Normans... check out the pictures below. 

We also read lots and lots of stories, some children brought in their favourites, Miss Cowling came to read her favourite book, we listened to stories read by famous people and Year 3 came down to read us some of their favourite stories. A wonderful day at Waverley.