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Spring 2

Week 29th- 1st April


This week we have re-told the story of Max's first crossing and his meeting of the lollipop lady. We have also spent time learning how to write our letters correctly in preparation to join. We even had a go at joining our set 1 sounds together (ch, sh, th, ng, nk). In Maths we have been looking at subtraction. We have subtracted using a number line as well as column subtraction. 


In topic this week we looked at Victorian hospitals and Florence Nightingale. We compared our hospitals now to back then. The children have loved the Victorian unit and it has been one of our favourite lessons since we came back. This week in Science we measured out sunflowers and they have ALL grown! Last week we re-planted the sunflowers that hadn't grown and they have now all started to grow. 


On Thursday Mrs Leeming did an Easter raffle on teams with the whole school. We all enjoyed this as we could see all the different bubbles in school. 


I hope you all have a lovely Easter!

See you in 2 weeks time


Miss Douse

Week 22nd- 26th March 


This week in English we have continued reading 'The Hodgeheg' by Dick King Smith. We have looked at what we now know about hedgehogs and asked questions to 'Max' (the main character). We then wrote a statement as the milkman or lollipop lady about what they seen when Max was trying to cross the road.


In Maths we have been recapping addition. We have looked at column addition with and without crossing the 10s. We have also looked at part whole models and the 4 number sentences that we can find within them. We have also added 3 numbers by finding number bonds that we know. 


In History we have looked at Victorian workhouses. We discussed what they were used for and the jobs that people learnt and carried out. The children also had time to look in non-fiction books to find out facts about the Victorian times. In RE we looked at the different symbols around Easter and what they mean. In Science we looked at the conditions plants need to grow and we also completed a week in our sunflower diary. As you can see from the pictures below some of our sunflowers have grown LOTS! Those children whose sunflowers haven't grown were given the chance to plant another one. This was a great teaching point as to what conditions they need and whether we had met them. We came to the conclusion that some of our sunflowers had too much water. 

Week commencing 15th March


This week in English we have been reading 'The Hodgeheg' by Dick King Smith. We have discussed the main characters in the book and what we know about them and what we would like to find out. We have also discussed how to cross a road safely and created road safety posters to help Max cross the road. 


In Maths we have been completing White rose Maths assessments, across the whole week. We started our new history topic, Vile Victorians. We looked at Victorian schools and how they are different to our current school. We looked at who was allowed to go to school, what they learnt and some of the different punishments children had to face. 

In RE we have looked at the Easter story and what Christians believe. In Science we have carried on our topic about plants. We started by planting our very own sunflowers. We will be watching how they grow over the next few weeks. After 1 week we have already seen how they grow! We also discussed what plants need to grow. In Art we have been looking at how we can make our drawings look real, by shading and tonne. In PSHE we have been discussing what respect means and how we show respect.