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Spring 2

Week 6
This week, we have worked hard to consider the presentation of our non-chronological reports. We all chose an animal that Michael would have seen on his journey in our class text, Kensuke's Kingdom. We are very proud of our finished work!
Week 5
On Tuesday, we shared our P.E. with the Year 5 class. Mrs Sample taught us a brilliant basketball game called 'hotseat'!
Week 4
As part of our Buddhism project, we have been learning about the way Buddhists lead their lives. This week, we thought about the four noble truths and how they guide decision making. Here we are discussing a range of different scenarios... 
In English, we have been pairing up to find the features of writing in a non-chronological report. Mrs Hibberd was very impressed with our knowledge and our team-working skills...
Week 3

We are reading Kensuke's Kingdom, a book about a boy and his family setting off on a journey around the world. As part of our discussions, we learned that pirates are still a threat on the seas today. 


Did you know that Mr O'Brien used be part of a 'task-force' to tackle piracy? He came to talk to us about his job...


Mr Thompson (Mrs Thompson's, from Nursery, husband) used to be a submariner and he used to fight piracy too! He came to speak to us wearing his full uniform.