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Spring 2

Friday 13th March

Waverley has celebrated Sport Relief 2020 in sensational style today, with a mega dance event in the gym, led by our marvellous Years 3 and 5 teachers! The atmosphere was absolutely fantastic and the children were all getting thoroughly stuck in - we certainly had a few red faces by the end! A wonderful event.

Thursday 12th March

Today, we had a fantastic visit from the school health team. They spoke to Year 4 about the value of positive friendships, and what it means to be a good friend. The children were very clear and confident when it came to discussing and evaluating the qualities of a true friend; clearly, we have some great relationships in Year 4!

Thursday 5th March

Today, we had a magnificent walk down to the slipway by the rowing club in Newburn. We had no plans to take to the water, however: we were there to look at the historic flood levels inscribed on the side of the Boathouse pub, as part of our current history topic on natural disasters. In 1771, the Tyne rose to a level well over our heads! Truly amazing. The weather was absolutely beautiful, giving the children ample chance to sketch some views of what the area might have looked like during that 1771 flood...

Thursday 27th February

What a cracking week to start the new half-term! The children have been very busy, getting into 'The Wild Robot' with some interview role-play, representing fractions greater than one, and exploring the causes and impacts of extreme weather around the world. Two real highlights, though, have been our lesson with Northumbria Police on positive friendships, and our terrific parent painting event this afternoon. Thanks to everyone who came - it was a lovely session. Gallery below!