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Spring 2

Hello everyone!! Please enjoy this list of virtual field trips sent from my friend, a teacher in Michigan, USA. All links are provided - have fun! There is even one to The great Wall of China!From Mrs Lynch and Mr Richmond, Glenlake School, Michigan! Who says you can't travel in lockdown?

Hi everyone!!


I am missing you all madly. Thank you so much for your daily updates. It's so good to see how many of you are engaging in the work and activities we set for you. Don't forget about your project, I gave you the choice between The Great Wall of China and Vesuvius (Pompeii) - take your pick. 

I have included below a link to some ideas of ways you can fill your indoors time at home. Stay home - stay safe. See you all soon!!

Love Mrs Lxxx

Easter Activities to keep you all busy!!

Week 3

Thank you to our ex-pupil who came into school to explain and demonstrate the correct way to wash hands. We were able to observe the spots that people miss without realising by looking under a special light and learn how to address this. See below the photos for a useful song to help you remember the technique.

How to wash your hands NHS song | NHS

A child friendly song explaining how to wash your hands. For a written version of the full technique, head to The NHS website:

We thoroughly enjoyed of Just Dance event in aid of Sport's Relief. Mrs McGetterick and Mrs Thomson had clearly been practicing. We not only got fit and had fun, we raised money for charity in doing so.

We worked together in teams to play a board game that helped our understanding of subtracting fractions from whole numbers. Those of us who needed some extra work to understand teamed up with those of us who had smashed it yesterday and we were able to make good progress.

Peer massage helps us relax and calm down after a wild and windy lunchtime. It helps us focus and become learning ready. It's also something nice we do for others. Lots of children have been asking for the powerpoint so they can show their adults at home (and possibly earn some pocket money!!) so I will attach the link for the music and the powerpoint below.

Peer Massage Powerpoint.

Music we use during Peer Massage

We were visited by NHS Health Workers today to talk about relationships. We learned a lot about each other and about ways we can conduct ourselves to make a happy, healthy environment for all. We thought about what qualities make a good friend and how we can be a better one.

DOUGHNUTS FOR DOJOS!!!! We reached 2000 Dojos this week and we chose doughnuts as our treat. Well done us - what will we get for 3000????

We earned Headteacher awards for the work we produced in Art this week. Go us!!

Look how far we have come with our watercolour skills. This week we progressed to creating our own sunset watercolour with a silhouette effect. We listened to Bob Marley and Enya

Week 2

Congratulations this week's certificate winners. Well done Harry for getting Star of the Week and Mathletics bronze awards for Callie, Anna, Finley and Marley! Well done everyone!

We were super-excited to start our new Science topic this week. We will be learning all about "Living Things". Today, we thought about ways we could classify living things and effective ways to record them. We started off in teams but encountered problems, we had to discuss and re-think to solve the problems. We then learned how to record using Venn and Carroll diagrams and this helped make things a lot clearer and easier to record.

What a wonderful morning we have had in Year 4! TO compliment our learning in History and Geography of Extreme Earth and Weather, we took a lovely walk down to Newburn to the river to see the flood markings on the old "Boatman" pub. The weather was on our side and the sun was shining, we thoroughly enjoyed our walk, talked about nature and what we could see - learning all the way - and when we got there we were shocked to see just how high the flood waters had came. Then, out came the sketchbooks and pencils and we drew the scene as we imagined it during the very worst of the floods! The children were very well behaved and a credit to us all.

Today we used story mapping to memorize a good example of a non-chronological information text. Challenge us and ask us if we can remember both the words and the actions. We will use this model to help us structure our writing.

Week 1

Lots of certificates in 4L this week. Congratulations to Sophie and Anna for getting their pen license, Emma for being our star achiever this week, Callie for being Mathstastic on Mathletics and to our WHOLE CLASS for winning the attendance trophy this week!! Keep it up!

Science was a treat this week. We came to the end of our unit about Electricity and it was rewarding and thrilling to see just how much our children have learned. They were fluent in their use of technical vocabulary and their explanations were amazing. This week saw us investigating insulators and conductors. We were able to reason about our learning too, applying the theory to real life situations. Ask us all about it.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

What a lovely start to Spring 2 term. Today we welcomed many of our adults to our class to get private tuition in Watercolour painting from our talented children. Our children were so good and patient with their adults (ha ha) and with lovely relaxing music to listen to we had such a lovely afternoon. Well done adults - you're SO clever, but you couldn't have done it without our kids!!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Our adults have given us some lovely feedback from their experience in school yesterday.


"Hi, just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to come in and paint watercolour pictures with the kids.
We love seeing what Callie gets up to in school and we love that we are allowed to come into school regularly to join in with activities. These opportunities are hugely beneficial for the parents and the children and help making learning fun!
Keep up the great work!"

(Samantha Harrison)


"Thanks for a lovely afternoon. It was great to be involved in a lesson at school and see the kids all teaching their parents some painting skills. Finley really enjoyed me being there and I had loads of fun working with him. He enjoyed showing me around his classroom as well.
Thanks for organising this."

(Janet Brooks)


"What a lovely afternoon seeing the children do their teaching!"

(Susan Drought)

We are learning a lovely song in singing practice called "Run Through Walls" by The Script. It's a beautiful song about friendship and how your friends are your rocks and your heroes. We are very excited because we love the song and we are going to use it for a competition coming up in the future. Many children have asked if they can have the lyrics that we use as we've changed a few words to make it "primary appropriate" . Please find the document below with the words that we are using. I will also attach an appropriate video link to practise with.

Nightcore - Run Through Walls (The Script) - (Lyrics)

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