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Spring 2

What a lovely start to Spring 2 term. Today we welcomed many of our adults to our class to get private tuition in Watercolour painting from our talented children. Our children were so good and patient with their adults (ha ha) and with lovely relaxing music to listen to we had such a lovely afternoon. Well done adults - you're SO clever, but you couldn't have done it without our kids!!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Our adults have given us some lovely feedback from their experience in school yesterday.


"Hi, just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to come in and paint watercolour pictures with the kids.
We love seeing what Callie gets up to in school and we love that we are allowed to come into school regularly to join in with activities. These opportunities are hugely beneficial for the parents and the children and help making learning fun!
Keep up the great work!"

(Samantha Harrison)


"Thanks for a lovely afternoon. It was great to be involved in a lesson at school and see the kids all teaching their parents some painting skills. Finley really enjoyed me being there and I had loads of fun working with him. He enjoyed showing me around his classroom as well.
Thanks for organising this."

(Janet Brooks)


"What a lovely afternoon seeing the children do their teaching!"

(Susan Drought)

We are learning a lovely song in singing practice called "Run Through Walls" by The Script. It's a beautiful song about friendship and how your friends are your rocks and your heroes. We are very excited because we love the song and we are going to use it for a competition coming up in the future. Many children have asked if they can have the lyrics that we use as we've changed a few words to make it "primary appropriate" . Please find the document below with the words that we are using. I will also attach an appropriate video link to practise with.

Nightcore - Run Through Walls (The Script) - (Lyrics)

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