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Spring 2

Spring 2 Week 6 : Easter


This week has been jam packed.  We have held parents evenings to share the vast amounts of progress our children are making, we have looked on the interactive globe to see where some of our children are going on holiday.  One child is jetting off to Milawai.  We are so excited for what they will see on their travels.

We carried out an Easter egg competition and the winners were Ellies unicorns and Elijah Dumbo eggs.  Lots of super entries though.  As for the last day we had a visitor to school.   The Easter Bunny came but left a mess.  The boys used the magnifying glasses to survey the damage caused.

Have a great holidays and we look forward to your return after a well earned break to discover new things about Down on the Farm.

Spring 2 Week 5: Easter

This week the children have been developing their knowledge of Easter.  We have been rolling the dice and finding the corralating numbered egg, we have been writing words related to Easter such as egg, hen, chick.  We have been looking at how chocolate melts and made Easter crispy cakes and read the book "Going on an Easter Hunt" to get us excited for the Easter bunny.


Spring 2 Week 4:


The children have teaching us all about their families.  In the run up to our Mothers Day Celebration morning we have been looking at who is in your family with Mrs Fullard.  The children have drawn their families, made cards, made detailed paintings of themselves using key features of the face.  We have used mirrors to discuss our features and colours and we have learnt to read and write the words mum and dad.

Please remember to return your handwriting homework.  We have started to reduce in the number of books we are getting back.  Please be supporting your childs development and help them to form and read their letter sound each week.  Sit the letter on the line, look at size, are you following the rhyme?

I also am still awaiting further parents evening slips.  Please return these ASAP to get a suitable time.

Spring 2 Week 3:


This week we have continued on our Theme of Traditional Tales but through the story of the Three Little Pigs.  We have been developing our understanding of common phrases, repetition of words and how the story builds.  The children have tested using hairdryers which material would be the strongest and recording our predictions and results.  We have painted pigs, learnt about what materials are made of for the Three Pigs homes, we have learnt to read and write the cvc word pig and for some children we have learnt to read and write the word wolf.

Spring 2 Week 2:


The children have been learning the Traditional Tales of Jack and the Bean Stalk.  The children have planted their own seeds and we will be watching them grow and recording this in our plant diaries.  We have been helping the golden hen get the correct number of eggs.  We have discussed the difference in size between footsteps of the Giant and Jack.  We have made character masks to use in the role play area and continued to develop our phonic knowledge through labeling.

Spring 2 Week 1:


WOW! the children have been on fire this week and blew my socks off with their ability to discuss mass, weigh objects to find the mass using electric scales and record this in a book and weigh ingredients to make a picnic to make Little Red Riding Hoods Grandma better.  We have worked hard with name writing and there have been many improvements made and children have been handing in their phonic letter formation homework each week.  If you have fallen behind please return the book and I can set you off again.  Don't wait too long to get started again.

We have loved learning about Traditional Tales and have recalled the story of Little Red Riding Hood, The Big bad Wolf and Grandma.  Ask your children to tell you the story in their own words at home.

Next week we are learning about the Traditional Tale Jack and The Beanstalk.  Please read this at bedtime with your child so they are familiar with the main charachters and the plot.  Keep posted for more exciting events next week as we look at growth, size and beans.