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Spring 1

Week 6

This week Nursery have been discussing the importance of being kind, sharing and supporting our friends.

We made our own friendship bracelets using our fine motor skills. We listened to the story 'Rainbow fish' and talked about selfishness and sharing. We made our own 'Rainbow fish' masks and made some hanging hearts.

We have been practicing our letter sounds and numbers through fun fishy activities.

Week 5

This weeks new topic is 'love is all around.' Our story this week is ' Guess how much I love you.' We have been discussing as a group who we love and why we love them. We have talked about friendships and how we can include our friends and make sure our friends are ok.

Nursery have enjoyed role playing in our 'Friendship Garden' and having picnics on the friendship bench. We have made our bodies move into different positions through Cosmic Yoga Frank The Frog, an adventure about supporting your friends.

We made some silly soup using only 'c' objects, played 'c' bingo and kims game with objects that start with the letter sound 'c'. We have also had a try at counting and representing numbers 1 to 5 during different number games.

Week 4

Continuing on from our topic The Big Freeze, this week Nursery have been experimenting and exploring ice and snow. We took risk in our play by using hammers to dig for animals in the ice, we talked about how ice melts and made our own snow.

This weeks new sound is 'c' We used our gross motor skills making the letter sound 'c' with different colour scarfs. We then had a game of silly soup and placed objects inside that started with the letter sound 'c'.


Week 3

This week Nursery have started to explore and enjoy our new topic, The Big Freeze. The children loved playing in the Arctic role play area. The children had a try at balancing on the pieces of 'ice', we read some winter books and we practiced putting on winter clothes.

We have enjoyed our morning 'Penguin comes to tea' dance and matched counters to numbered Penguins.


Week 2

This week we have been busy in nursery counting out and matching our Dragons eggs, designing our own Dragons egg and making our bodies move into different positions to become 'Cracker the Dragon' during Cosmic Yoga.

Our new sound this week is the letter sound g. We thought of different objects that start with the sound g then we had a try at writing this sound on magic water writing scrolls.



Welcome back to Nursery.

This weeks topic is 'Dragon's'. We have been exploring and playing in our 'Dragon's Den' new role play area. We have made some Dragon masks and Dragon's using paper chains. During music and movement we made our bodies move to the instructions given to 'Do the Dragon' song.

We have been focusing on the number four this week and trying hard at problem solving linking numbers to quantity.