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Spring 1

Week six


Week five

We are going to be writing news recounts this week.

In maths, we are moving on to using formal written methods when multiplying. We've been multiplying four-digit numbers by one-digit numbers and have been using an area model to multiply two-digit numbers.

Using an area model to multiply two-digit numbers.

Week four

This week we have looked at how journalists write effective headlines in their headlines. They use alliteration, rhyme and puns to make headlines memorable. Here are some of our headlines:

'Egg boy cracked up!'  'Greedy girl gobbles gruel!' 'Miss Muffet is off her tuffet!' 'Murder mystery - green bean boy murders giant!' 


We have begun researching the life of Sir Isaac Newton and have measured the weight (pull force) acting on various classroom objects.

Week three

This week we have looked at the issue of who the real villain is from Jack and the Beanstalk. We thought about each character in turn, thinking about the reasons for their behaviour. We went on to write discussion texts, giving balanced arguments for reasons for and against Jack being the real villain from the story.


In science we have looked at the difference between weight and mass. We found this to be a tricky concept! We will be investigating gravity further next week.

Week two

This week we have continued looking at traditional tales, focussing on fairy tales. Y5 have been restricted in their re-tellings. When writing the story of Little Red Riding Hood, they were limited to only using 50 words!

This is Heidi's mini saga:

Little Red was told to take a basket to Grandma's house. Little Red goes through the woods and finds a wolf. The Wolf goes to Grandma's house. Little |red follows to Grandma's home. 'Grandma, you have big teeth, hairy arms and big ears.' she said. They chased the wolf together. 


Our next challenge was to retell the story using only monosyllabic words! We found this to be really tricky! We also wrote a spoof of a fairy tale, writing from the point of view of the villain! 



Week One

Welcome back everyone! I hope that you had a relaxing break. Year 5 have a busy term ahead. We have started the week by writing Christmas 'thank yous'. We have shown our gratitude for presents that are inappropriate or useless to us - poor Jack received sparkly pink hairbands!

We have investigated irreversible changes in Science and discovered what happens when a material is burned. Luckily, the fire brigade wasn't needed and we discovered that ash is a by product of burning! We also observed what happened when a chemical reaction occurs when mixing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. A balloon inflated when carbon dioxide was created!